Alpha Ecological

A "green" pest control company talks about how TAMCO Shield® enabled them to connect their geographically diverse team via video conferencing.

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American Red Cross

This customer is a not-for-profit organization who takes advantage of the TAMCO Shield® technology obsolescence protection.

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Baltimore Medical System

A major medical provider chose TAMCO Shield over other procurement options to continue growing and providing top quality care for their patients.

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Capital City Club

A luxury golf and country club established in Atlanta, GA in 1883 uses the TAMCO Shield® program to conserve capital for renovation expenses.

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city of cordele

City of Cordele

Learn how a local municipality was able to preserve capital and protect itself with the best technology using security as a service. 

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Coastal Community Bank

See why this bank, despite having the cash to pay for their technology equipment, chose TAMCO Shield over other payment options.  Read More

Continental Research Corporation

Highlights the importance of a total solution (Business, Finance, and Technology) and how that relates to the overall company performance.

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LoneStar Transportation

A rapidly growing transportation company talks about the importance of communications technology and the role it plays in improving their business operation efficiencies.

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This major manufacturer of power tools found tremendous value in the total solution that TAMCO Shield® provides – allowing them to address business, financial, and technology concerns.

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Orchard Garden Hotel

This is an excellent representation of needing to stick to a construction budget without compromising the quality of the technologies within the new structure.

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Roman Catholic Church of Holy Name Mary-Assumption

Needing to preserve their capital to protect their mission, a house of worship chose a smart how to buy payment alternative that answered all of their prayers. Read More

Summit Point Motorsports

Mother Nature can be cruel. Wildfires, hurricanes, lightning, tornadoes, flooding, earthquakes, etc. The uncertainty of the weather and nature can be even crueler on a business and its technology. Read More
Tail Waggers graphic

Tail Waggers

Tail Waggers 1990 upgraded their Allworx VoIP communication platform without any financial penalty or rollover charges thanks to their TAMCO Shield contract’s Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG).  Read More
VIZIO Case Study


A major television manufacturer discusses how the TAMCO Shield® program made it possible for them to grow by leaps and bounds with the unique System Replacement Guarantee feature.

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