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Nonprofit for pet services upgrades their unified communications solution without financial penalty

Case Study Highlights 

Tail Waggers 1990 upgraded their Allworx VoIP communication platform to expand their operation in the community without any financial penalty or rollover charges thanks to their technology equipment as a service contract, TAMCO Shield, and the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG).

Any other agreement would have forced Tail Waggers to roll over their remaining payments ensuring they were still accountable for the $6,800 balance. Now with even more connectivity and upgraded operational efficiency, Tail Waggers 1990 can keep serving the community and helping people afford to care for their beloved pets. Their upgraded communication system is now under a new Shield contract, which continues to provide them with flexibility and financial protection as they experience further growth and success. They never have to worry about slowing down their growth due to their inefficient technology. 

The Way They Paid For Their Technology Protected Their Capital

Tail Waggers’ founder, Laura Zain, is no stranger to change and growth. With nearly three decades in operation, the 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization has grown to a multi-site operation over the years. Within the first six years of being in a brick and mortar storefront, they grew from one to four facilities. When they were equipping their operation with a phone solution, TAMCO Shield was recommended as the payment option by their technology solution provider. Shield has multiple benefits not offered by other payment options. However, Shield specifically offered two very important benefits to Tail Waggers:

    They did not have to spend a large capital outlay and they kept their cash working towards the mission.

    Protected them from bottlenecking their growth so they could expand and better serve the community. They did not have to worry about typical associated costs that come along with having to completely replace technology equipment.
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Choose Flexibility to Grow

Tail Waggers 1990 needed to grow and expand rather quickly just shy of three years into their five-year contract on their voice technology solution. Laura planned for this when she chose the operating expense payment option, TAMCO Shield. She protected the nonprofit's capital and exercised her SRG benefit.

In collaboration with TAMCO and her solution provider TailWaggers upgraded to a new solution. With a balance of $6,800 left on her existing contract, TAMCO relieved them of that balance and executed a new contract. No rollover or penalty fees. Tail Waggers implemented a new solution that brought them better connectivity, saved them time, and opened the doors to work more effectively for the community.

“Our upgraded equipment has made communication in the facilities much more efficient. To be able to change to the system we needed when we needed it was highly valuable to us. We’ve grown exponentially and have plans to continue expanding to serve in the community. Preserving our cash flow is important to our operation and helps our mission.”

- Laura Zain, Founder

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