Why Is Every Premise & Cloud Equipment Provider Talking About Recurring Revenue

Jun 21, 2017 8:12:00 AM by: Paul Metzheiser

Why Recurring Revenue Should Be On Your Radar Recurring revenue is quite the buzzword lately. It is not new, but if you read the narrative of most telecommunication hardware company's financial statements, you'd think it was. Why? Read More

2 Terrible Habits To Immediately Stop Doing During Your Premise & Hosted Equipment Sales

Jun 14, 2017 8:12:00 AM by: Emily Smith

Have you ever gone to the doctor's office and were prescribed medication without being asked about your symptoms? Or equally as bad, has a doctor ever handed you a selection of medications and left it up to you to decide what you think will work best? Hopefully not. That may even be illegal. For a physician to accurately prescribe the right treatment plan for you, he has to ask you about your ... Read More

Positioning A Monthly Payment: What It Is & Is Not [INFOGRAPHIC]

Jun 7, 2017 4:07:16 PM by: Emily Smith

Do you ask questions so you can discover what technology solution you should recommend to your prospect? Most sales professionals have some type of discovery process so you can help guide a sale and advise customers to make a favorable decision. Read More

Change How To Pay For A Nurse Call System

Jun 6, 2017 10:07:00 AM by: Scott Morgan

As with most telecommunications solutions, technology continues to advance and improve the ways in which we are able to communicate. Nurse call solutions, also referred to as call bell or call light systems, are no exception. Today, these specialized systems go well beyond a light flashing at the nurse’s station. Read More

The Sales Tool That Is Basically A Dating App For Your IT Solution Prospects

May 19, 2017 10:28:06 AM by: Renato Migueltorena

You have met someone! You feel a connection. Maybe there is potential for a good relationship. How do you get to know them these days to learn what he or she is all about? If we were talking about dating, everyone knows, before you start getting in deep with actual conversation and meet ups, you hop onto the internet and do a little snooping. However, I am talking about vetting your technology ... Read More

[VIDEO] Take Control Of Your Sale With The Pre-Qualification Tool

May 16, 2017 11:45:23 AM by: Jill Duran

Don't Leave Your Sale Up To Fate Every technology solution sale can often feel like an expedition into the unknown. You are placing a lot of trust on to a prospect you know very little about. Besides what they have told you, how do you know if they would be a good prospect worth investing time into? How do you know that venturing down a path with them is a smart investment of your time? Read More

Paying Cash VS Utilizing A Lease For IT Solution Equipment

May 3, 2017 4:14:47 PM by: Jill Duran

Everyone Has To Pay For Communications Technology. Make An Informed Decision. Buying unified communications, telecommunications, or related technology equipment, whether it is for premise, hosted, and hybrid solutions, is a process every business has to embark on. Technology and communications-type equipment is to a business what vital organs are to the human body. It is close to impossible to ... Read More

TAMCO Shield | The Smart Way To Pay For Premise, Hosted, or Hybrid Technology Solutions [VIDEO]

Apr 12, 2017 1:36:37 PM by: Jill Duran

We have heard all of the excuses and myths as to who should and should not lease: Read More

[INFOGRAPHIC] Why Using A Pre-Qualification Tool Makes Your IT Solution Sales Life Easier

Mar 31, 2017 3:28:27 PM by: Jill Duran

Even if you think your customer may pay cash for their technology or unified communications equipment you still should utilize a pre-qualification tool. If you are curious as to why, it is quite simple. The more you know, the more control you can have in the sale.   Stop Selling Blind Read More

[VIDEO] 5 Things You Need To Know About TAMCOnnect Plus Profit Share

Mar 21, 2017 11:31:38 AM by: Jill Duran

While equipment sold for premise, hosted, and hybrid solutions continues to see shrinking margins, TAMCO partners are given the opportunity to earn lucrative profit shares on each equipment sale. If you are not a TAMCOnnect Plus partner or you are not taking advantage of the profit share bonus, here are five things you need to know. Read More