Apr 10, 2024 11:27:21 AM by: Paul Metzheiser

System integrators everywhere are shifting to a service-focused sales model and selling technology-as-a-service solutions. This is mainly due to them discovering how this sales model is important in building recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for their business. When a technology-as-a-service solution is proposed and positioned properly, their customers, more than ever, are all in for this type of solution. The words integrators use to propose and position an as-a-service solution will be the difference in selling a solution with complete comprehension or confusion. Words matter! 

As integrators pivot to this kind of service sales model and sell as-a-service solutions, the way they approach the sale has minor nuances that differ from the traditional transactional sale they've always known. While integrators are selling the same solution, with the same hardware, the solution gets proposed and positioned differently to have sales success. Therefore, the sales approach needs to be different. This includes the vernacular utilized to explain and sell the solution. 

Technology-as-a-service is not a sale where you make the transaction and mark it done. The whole concept of as-a-service is that you're selling an experience and a true relationship between integrator and customer. A well-packaged as-a-service solution promises to provide access to and use of hardware, plus important maintenance and support services for a monthly subscription cost for an agreed term.

Therefore, the narrative you use when selling technology-as-a-service is articulated differently than the traditional transactional one-time sale integrators have always done. You need to flip the script and use different words!

Right and wrong words can be the difference between clarity and confusion.

Below are two lists of words integrators should use or refrain from using when explaining and selling technology-as-a-service. 

Use Words Like - Graphic - TAMCO

These small nuances can elevate integrators in successfully selling technology-as-a-service. By flipping the script on how you describe and sell the solution you can improve your technology-as-a-service solution sales. As a result, you create stronger, stickier customer relationships and build your recurring monthly revenue streams.

Learn more about how system integrators can pivot to a service sales model and build recurring monthly revenue in this playbook. Uncover the strategy if you want to successfully sell technology-as-a-service and create valuable, predictable, and desirable RMR.  

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