Telecommunication solution financing in an uncertain changing environment

Voice solutions have expanded over the last 20 years we have been serving our partners, and we have evolved with it. We finance a variety of premise and cloud voice solutions under our TAMCO Shield products as well as our traditional financing options.

Over the last two decades we have expanded our offerings from leasing telecommunication equipment to financing a variety of voice solutions on the market today. Some of the solutions we lease for our partners and customers include traditional premise voice solutions, hosted PBX or cloud, enhanced 911 systems, nurse call systems and many more additional unified communication solutions. Learn more about the variety of voice solutions TAMCO finances.

Voice Solutions TAMCO Finances:

Premise Based PBX

With a traditional premise based phone system, customers will have the PBX, routers, switches, servers, related equipment, and handsets all located within their offices. While customers experience the impact of technology constantly changing, they have historically only been provided with, what is in most cases, an inferior way to pay for that equipment. Making an upfront cash purchase, using bank lines, or arranging a traditional capital lease program, all result in ownership of the phone system. Through the years, many customers question the logic of ownership as they “invest” in their next solution, however, they simply are not aware of any better options.

Only TAMCO partners are able to provide their customers with the unique TAMCO Shield lease alternative. Customers realize many benefits with Shield including:

  • Using the PBX system only while it is useful to their organization
  • Having a Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) available throughout the term
  • Avoiding ownership of a depreciating asset
  • Receiving favorable financial treatment as an operating expense
  • Experiencing additional peace of mind when bundling full term maintenance

Hosted PBX

Hosted PBX is one of the many terms used to refer to a telephony solution that is delivered to customers via the cloud (ie. internet) as an alternative to having an IP PBX system physically located within their offices. Although there may be some nuances, a variety of similar terminology is often used to refer to the same type of solution including, virtual PBX, cloud voice service, cloud PBX, hosted voice, hosted VoIP, and others. The primary concept behind hosted/cloud PBX is one of an "on premise" vs "off premise" solution. On premise solutions rely on a significant amount of equipment (PBX, routers, switches, servers, cabinetry, rack space, etc…) being placed at each customer location in order to deliver the phone services and features of their voice solution. Hosted solutions rely on the equipment and technology in the cloud to deliver the service. Customers simply need VoIP phones with internet connectivity at their office locations. See below for additional thoughts on Hosted PBX.

Enhanced 911 (E911)

Obviously, our national 911 system is of vital importance in its ability to connect the public to emergency services. Telecommunication solutions have many areas of specialization one of which addresses the unique needs of the public safety community. We may take it for granted, but among other functions, there are some unique elements within this technology that:

  • allows individuals to place 911 calls from wired or wireless phones
  • ensures 911 calls receive priority over other network traffic
  • permits emergency response centers and public safety answering points (PSAPs) to identify the callers’ physical location and calling phone number
  • coordinates the engagement of appropriate police, fire, medical, or other emergency resources, and
  • enables responders to maintain, record, and manage those calls effectively

An E911 solution is the telecommunications and technology systems (comprised of the phone system, handsets, servers, routers, call recording programs, call management applications, related software & databases, video monitors, etc…) that are used by PSAPs.

Nurse Call System's

Health care organizations experience some unique communications needs in the course of taking care of patients. Hospitals, nursing homes, assisted living centers, and extended stay facilities all make use of an important telecommunication solution known as a Nurse Call System. As the words imply, a significant function of this type of communications system is to allow residents of such facilities to connect with their caregivers when they require assistance. However, more and more capabilities are being added to these systems.

If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it. 

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