Unified Communications Equipment As A Service

You organization's telecom, unified communications, or other related technology equipment is a multifaceted well oiled machine that keeps your operation running. Having the equipment that fits your needs has never been more important to productivity and success. With voice equipment changing and growing, it is easy to end up stuck, owning outdated, outgrown technology. Now, there is a smarter way to pay that gives you freedom, flexibility, and peace of mind. Use your equipment while it is useful. Learn about monthly payment alternatives that can keep you operating at your best. 

Telecommunications Is Changing & So Is The Way You Pay For It

Learn about the one and only monthly payment option for
your phone solution equipment that works like a termed rental, or as a
service. Use the equipment while it is useful.


Voice Solutions TAMCO Finances:

Premise Based PBX

  • Handsets
  • Headsets
  • Conference phones
  • PBX
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Servers
  • Contact Center
  • Licensing
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Equipment Needs In The Cloud

TAMCO can provide your hosted/cloud solution with a payment alternative that aligns with your monthly payment model. The hardware you need to operate your virtual PBX, cloud voice, hosted VoIP, etc. solution can be paid for just like your service. Telecom equipment as a service. 


Enhanced 911 (E911)

Be smart about how you pay for such vital equipment. Finance the latest technology in E911: 

  • Place calls from wired and wireless phones
  • Ensure calls receive priority over other network traffic
  • Public safety answering points (PSAP) to identify the caller's physical location and calling number
  • Coordinate engagement of police, fire, medical, or other emergency resources
  • Enable responders to maintain, record, and manage calls effectively
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Nurse Call System 

TAMCO finances equipment for nurse call systems. We can work with a variety of industries and organizations: 

Orange Shield

Don't Allow Equipment To Jeopardize Growth & Success

Don’t allow your technology equipment’s limitations to jeopardize growth and success. TAMCO can procure your voice technology equipment using TAMCO Shield, Technology-as-a-Service. You can pay for the equipment using a convenient monthly payment but have peace of mind knowing that you are protected from technology obsolescence with Shield’s Solution Replacement Guarantee. If your phone solution no longer meets your needs you have the freedom to replace it with no penalty fees or rollover balances. Other benefits you receive when you chose Shield include natural disaster coverage, locking in today’s labor rates when you opt for added maintenance, multiple end-of-term options, and other financial benefits.

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