Jun 6, 2017 10:07:00 AM by: Scott Morgan

As with most telecommunications solutions, technology continues to advance and improve the ways in which we are able to communicate. Nurse call solutions also referred to as call bell or call light systems, are no exception. Today, these specialized systems go well beyond a light flashing at the nurse’s station.
Nurse call systems now incorporate...

  • Wireless devices
  • Pagers
  • Hands-free communication
  • Real-time locating
  • Clinical connectivity
  • Integration into the IT systems of the healthcare enterprise
  • And much more

Benefits from these technology enhancements include...

  • Improved patient safety and experience
  • Better quality care
  • Increased efficiency of caregiver activity
  • More effective resource management
  • And much more

While we enjoy the benefits of such progress and innovation, it does pose a challenge for healthcare organizations that need to implement technology solutions like a nurse call system or otherwise. How can a hospital justify an investment in technology of any kind when the speed of innovation ensures there will be something better available in the near future.

What To Consider With A Nurse Call System

When considering a nurse call solution, add to this challenge the fact that there are state and federal regulations that can have unexpected changes, create compliance issues, and impact the evaluation of the type of solution to implement or maintain. These factors confront healthcare organizations with a potentially daunting decision on how to pay for technology like a nurse call solution. Owning the technology equipment seems like an obvious trap, however, most organizations are only aware of the ability to make an outright purchase or to use various monthly payment options, loan, or bank line arrangements that result in ownership.

A Smart Way To Pay For Nurse Call 

Remove the pitfalls of traditional acquisition methods and provide protection against the unpredictable nature of factors mentioned above (technology, regulatory requirements, marketplace forces, business needs, etc…).  Pairing a nurse call system with a procurement method like TAMCO Shield provides a uniquUe fee for use program that can be a great alternative to an outright cash purchase.

Healthcare organizations receive many benefits in this way to pay, for example:

  • Using the nurse call solution only while it meets the needs of the organization.
  • Having a Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) available throughout the term
  • Avoiding ownership of a depreciating asset
  • Avoiding the likelihood of eventual system obsolescence
  • Receiving favorable financial treatment as an operating expense
  • Experiencing additional peace of mind when bundling full term maintenance

Every hospital and medical system needs modern technology to serve the needs of their patients. Some simply choose to pay for their communications equipment in a smarter and business conscientious manner than others.

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