Partner With 30 Years of As-A-Service Expertise 

TAMCOnnect is our partner program for value-added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), telcos, distributors, integrators, manufacturers, and any other technology solution providers who sell hardware-intensive technology solutions from security to audiovisual and any other related equipment in between.

A partnership with TAMCO is different. TAMCO has been partnering and helping integrators and related technology solution providers, for 30 years, sell as-a-service solutions that not only add peace of mind, increased flexibility, and more control for their customers but can create an easy avenue for integrators and solution providers to build their recurring monthly revenue streams (RMR). In turn, more RMR creates predictable, stable revenue and increases the organization's valuation. If you're looking for a traditional leasing company, this is not that. TAMCO partners and aligns with integrators who are looking to make the pivot to a service-focused sales model. TAMCO's integrator partners understand the rise in demand for as-a-service subscription solutions, they see the growth potential in focusing on building RMR and believe that the time to make the shift is now. 

TAMCO supports its partners in a holistic approach, using proven methodologies that focus on service, sales, and marketing support, we walk alongside you in this partnership so you can successfully pivot to a service sales model and build recurring monthly revenue. 

6 Key Ways TAMCO is Superior

1. Exclusive As-A-Service Subscription Solution 

TAMCO partners are able to offer our exclusive technology equipment-as-a-service solution.  Unlike any other as-a-service offering, provide customers with a true subscription solution that provides technology obsolescence protection, natural disaster coverage, the ability to grow/scale, and so much more. 

2. Full-Service Sales Support

Partners have access to a dedicated as-a-service subject matter expert as their channel manager. They provide sales team training, proposal assistance, one-on-one support, act as an extension of your team as your as-a-service specialist, and be a general resource along your as-a-service journey.

3. Advanced Funding Options

Flexibility. Its importance can’t be understated, particularly when it comes to as-a-service financing solutions. We’ve created several innovative options to meet the varying financial needs of our partners. Examples include Deemed Acceptance, Interim Funding, and custom arrangements.

4. TAMCO Academy

In order to grow, to survive, to compete – you have to be willing to change and adapt. It’s a simple premise; the moment you think you know it all is the exact same moment that you stop learning. Our partners have access to a library of training courses, webinars, and educational videos to help build your knowledge on our as-a-service solution, selling for recurring services vs one-time transactional sales, building RMR, and so much more.

5. Marketing & Communications Support

Selling as-a-service is different, therefore marketing messaging will be different. Our marketing team supports partners with content and messaging they need to begin injecting as-a-service into their entire content marketing strategy so it aligns with their overall effort to make the pivot to a service sales model. This includes resources for websites, email campaigns, blogging, social media, and more.

6. Pass-Through Maintenance

When TAMO partners sell an as-a-service solution with their multiyear support services bundled in, TAMCO will pass through that cost, over the term, to you. Upfront, you get paid for the solution just like a cash sale. Then, TAMCO pays you for the maintenance and support contracts sold, each month, for the entire term. No added cost or fee. This is how you begin to build your RMR streams. 

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The tools, people, and products that I receive as a partner of the TAMCOnnect program are the perfect complement for our go to market strategy. TAMCO has taught, and we have embraced the how to buy in our sales process, which has elevated us to a more competitive advantage.

- Jason Simons, VP Houston Division, ICS


  • Exclusive one of a kind financing programs
  • Promotes continued relationship growth
  • Flexible funding options for reps
  • Provides no cost continuing education opportunities
  • Decades of technology and finance expertise
Partnership that delivers on its promise.

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