Not Your Typical Financial Partnership

TAMCOnnect is our partner program for value added resellers (VARs), managed service providers (MSPs), telcos, distributors, integrators, manufacturers and any other technology solution providers who sell anything from security to AV to telephones. A TAMCOnnect partnership is different due to the ability to offer customers the exclusive technology equipment as a service monthly payment option, TAMCO Shield. This is a one of a kind program that allows your customers to focus on having access, seeing outcomes, and using technology instead of worrying about the burdens of ownership. This payment model provides customers protection and peace of mind to stay at the forefront of technology, operate at their highest efficiency and remain competitive if they grow or change.

If you want to set yourself apart from the competition, you've found the right financing partner. We offer traditional $1 buyout leasing like every other financing company, but no other company will be able to offer you Shield or anything comparable with the same value, protection, and flexibility that TAMCO can.

TAMCO's 6 Key Platforms

1. Exclusive Access to TAMCO Shield 

We give you access to an exclusive & true technology equipment as a service payment option that is available across a broad range of technology solutions, including; voice, data, video conferencing, cybersecurity, surveillance, CCTV, AV, IT, IoT and any other related technology solutions.

2. Sales & Marketing Support 

It’s as true in business as it is in life: every now and then, a partner needs support. TAMCO puts an emphasis on providing personalized sales and marketing support to you and your customers. It’s as crucial to our success as it is to yours.

3. Advanced Funding Options

Flexibility. Its importance can’t be understated; particularly when it comes to financing. We’ve created several innovative options to meet the varying financial needs of our partners. Example: Deemed Acceptance, Progress Payments, Assignment of Proceeds, and Customer Pay Proceeds.

4. TAMCOllege

In order to grow, to survive, to compete – you have to be willing to change and adapt. It’s a simple premise; the moment you think you know it all is the exact same moment that you stop learning. Our partners have access to free training courses such as; Selling to the CFO, Positioning How to Buy, Time Value of Money.

5. Consultative Services

An extra set of eyes. An objective opinion. Expert guidance. Who wouldn’t love to have that when it came to each proposal and offer? Our partnership comes with 25+ years of providing assistance to countless partners who achieve astounding results.

6. Pass-Through Maintenance

Did you know that you are almost 7 times more likely to sell service agreements with monthly payment options versus a sale with a cash purchase? Partners can easily bundle multiyear maintenance by spreading it out over the term.TAMCO will pass-through that maintenance payment at no cost or added finance charges, earning you a lot more recurring monthly revenue.



The tools, people, and products that I receive as a partner of the TAMCOnnect program are the perfect complement for our go to market strategy. TAMCO has taught, and we have embraced the how to buy in our sales process, which has elevated us to a more competitive advantage.

- Jason Simons, VP Houston Division, ICS


  • Exclusive one of a kind financing programs
  • Promotes continued relationship growth
  • Flexible funding options for reps
  • Provides no cost continuing education opportunities
  • Decades of technology and finance expertise
Partnership that delivers on its promise.

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