How to Pay for Cybersecurity Equipment

There is a way to pay for the appliances, devices, and cybersecurity technology equipment that aligns with your software. Cybersecurity equipment as a service.  Be sure that you are at the forefront of technology so that you do not have to be concerned with compromising your organization and assets. TAMCO's cybersecurity as a service solution provides you with a termed rental monthly payment for your equipment and hardware that allows you to scale up to new technology if the existing solution no longer fits your needs. We provide you with the access and use of the equipment, you focus on operating efficiently and spending your capital on more important things like assets that generate revenue. 

What is Cybersecurity As A Service (CSaaS)?

CSaaS (also known as TAMCO Shield) is a termed rental agreement. You pay a fixed low monthly price for your equipment, maintenance, and support. You receive the freedom to scale your solution up if your organization grows, changes or the technology is no longer allowing you to operate efficiently. Our CSaaS product has additional benefits like natural disaster coverage, locking in today's labor rates on maintenance and support, multiple end of term options, and specialized accounting treatment for operating expenses. 
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Cybersecurity Equipment We Can Finance

  • Adaptive security appliances
  • Intrusion prevention/detection appliances
  • VPN (virtual private network) devices
  • Malware, antivirus, anti-spam protection
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches

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Benefits of TAMCO's CSaaS

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  • Solution Replacement Guarantee - Protection from technology obsolescence 
  • Natural Disaster Protection
  • Bundled Maintenance & Support 
  • Convenient Monthly Payment
  • Termed Rental - Avoid Burdens to Owning Technology
  • Specialized Accounting Perks
  • Multiple End of Term Options

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The Exclusive Way to Pay for Cybersecurity Hardware as a Service

Technology equipment of any kind is not only a depreciating asset, but the industry as a whole is progressing at the most rapid pace in history. Before new technology hits the market, new research and development are being done to advance it further. It is never-ending. Therefore, does it make logical business sense for your organization to invest precious capital into owning technology solutions that you are going to outgrow or evolve past in the near future? Not when there are X as a Service and monthly payment rental options available that allow you to access the technology just while it is useful and replace it or add-on without penalty when you grow. Learn about the exclusive way to pay for your cybersecurity hardware and any other technology solution need, TAMCO Shield, technology equipment as a service.


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