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AV hardware and AV technology solutions is becoming a mission-critical technology need for most businesses today. However, for an organization to use large sums of capital to pay to own AV technology equipment is not the most economical business decision. With technology ever-evolving and advancing, along with the rate at which technology depreciates has caused a demand for access and use versus ownership procurement options. Learn about a subscription solution that will lift the burdens of having to own technology equipment. Introducing TAMCO Shield, an AV-as-a-Service (AVaaS) solution for your entire AV solution that provides customers with flexibility, control, and peace of mind in one low monthly payment. 

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What is TAMCO Shield, AV As A Service (AVaaS)?

Shield AVaaS is a subscription payment option that lets you pay a convenient monthly price to have use of or access to the needed AV technology but receive the freedom to scale and grow without financial penalty if your solution no longer allows you to operate efficiently or meets your needs in any way. Our AVaaS product is unique and unmatched due to the Solution Replacement Guarantee, which provides assurance that you will never be handcuffed to obsolete technology. Additionally, Shield has natural disaster protection, bundling & locking in today's labor rates on integrator's maintenance and support contracts, and a more preferable subscription payment model.
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Benefits of Shield for AV

Solution Replacement Guarantee

If your solution no longer serves the needs of your business you have the power to upgrade your technology to a brand new solution at any point during the term. There will be no rollover balances and no penalty fees.

Details on SRG

Natural Disaster Protection

Customers who choose Shield will be protected in the event of a natural disaster. Shield will pay for your insurance deductible if your equipment is damaged by any natural disaster; lightning, tornado, fire, etc.

Bundled Support & Maintenance

Always have protection without financial burdens. Lock the cost of your vendor's maintenance or support agreement at today's labor rates for the duration of your contract term. The monthly cost will be bundled without finance charges into the same payment as your equipment.

More on Maintenance

Flexible End of Term Options

Shield allows customers to choose an end of term option that is right for them. A lot can change in 3-5 years. Decide what's best when the contract comes to an end, not upfront. Renew with the solution replacement guarantee, renew without it, return the equipment, upgrade to a new system, and more.

The Smart Way to Pay

Based on market indicators AV as a service payment models make the most logical sense for acquiring a depreciating asset, like AV hardware. The value lies in the USE rather than ownership of the equipment. Subscription or as a service payment models are everywhere for a reason. And Shield, when compared to other options, is the smartest way to pay both financially and technologically.

Use vs Ownership

AV and technology, in general, is a constantly evolving industry. With billions spent on R&D each year, the days of holding on to your technology solutions for 10-20 years is a dated concept and does more harm than good. With AV, it can hold you back from operating at the most efficient level. Also, technology equipment is something that will never gain value. It is a depreciating asset in a rapidly advancing industry. Therefore, owning technology is not an investment. Investments are intended to make you money. So what do you really end up owning? There is no bonus to owning old technology. This is why Shield, AV equipment as a service, came to market. It addresses the technical and financial burdens of traditional payment options so you can focus on operating not getting handcuffed to equipment. 

Equipment Included in AVaaS

(Please inquire if the equipment type you wish to procure is not listed)

  • Monitors/Displays
  • Interactive boards
  • Cameras
  • Speakers/Mics
  • Projectors
  • AV Encoders/Decoders
  • Network video appliances
  • Lighting equipment
  • Acoustic Materials
  • Sound masking devices
  • Control systems
  • Media storage equipment
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Shield for AV Payment Comparison Chart

Are You an AV Systems Integrator? 

TAMCO collaborates with AV integrators and all other types of technology solution providers as their financing partner providing real AV-as-a-Service solutions, not just a dressed-up lease. You can have access to the exclusive benefits of TAMCO Shield, AV as a Service, as a value-added offering for your customers. Learn about how a partnership with TAMCO can bring differentiation and more value to your AV solution sales or any other technology that competitors will never be able to match. 

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