The Smart Way To Pay for Audiovisual Technology

Audiovisual technology solutions are becoming a mission-critical technology need for most organizations today. However, to use large sums of capital to pay to own AV technology equipment is simply not a logical financial, technical, or economical business decision in today's market. Technology is advancing at the most rapid pace ever witnessed, with no intention of slowing down, and depreciates in value even faster. This has created a demand for access and use-based solutions instead of traditional ownership models. TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service subscription payment program now extends to AV solutions. Create an exclusive AV-as-a-service offering with TAMCO that relieves the burdens of ownership and provides more flexibility, control, and peace of mind.

What is AV-as-a-Service?

Through TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service payment program organizations can pay for their AV hardware, support services, and maintenance agreements in one AV-as-a-service (AVaaS) monthly subscription payment. Organizations will have the use of and access to their AV solutions without the burdens of ownership. Owning technology equipment in today's rapidly advancing and changing market is no longer desired, nor necessary. AV-as-a-service solutions let you focus on the outcomes without the downfalls of ownership. Exclusively through TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service solution customers receive the added value of the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG), natural disaster protection, and multiyear support and maintenance services to ensure optimal operations. The SRG is a proprietary feature that allows customers to upgrade or migrate to new technology at any point during the term of the agreement without rollover balances or financial penalties if the solution becomes obsolete or no longer meets their needs. TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service payment program is exclusive and unlike any other AV or related technology-as-a-service offering on the market.

Exclusive Features of TAMCO's AVaaS

Solution Replacement Guarantee

If your solution no longer serves the needs of your business you have the power to upgrade your technology to a brand new solution at any point during the term. There will be no rollover balances and no penalty fees.

Details on SRG

Natural Disaster Protection

Customers who choose Shield will be protected in the event of a natural disaster. Shield will pay for your insurance deductible if your equipment is damaged by any natural disaster; lightning, tornado, fire, etc.

Bundled Support & Maintenance

Your monthly payment includes your equipment and multiyear support services. Always have protection and peace of mind that your solution is operating effectively and efficiently. TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service for AV bundles in system integrators' multiyear support and maintenance services for the entire length of the term so you're always taken care of. 

Use vs Ownership

AV technology has become a necessity to operate in today’s environment. However, with the rapid advancement of technology today and the pace at which it can become obsolete, it begs the question, is the need to own these types of technology solutions necessary? Organizations are experiencing more technical, financial, and business benefits than ever before by focusing on the outcomes these solutions provide and having access to and use of the technology versus the desire to own it. TAMCO’s Technology-as-a-Service subscription payment program for AV offers organizations the opportunity to access and use the technology hardware and services they need with more flexibility, control, and peace of mind than any other capital expense or another way to pay.

Equipment Included in AVaaS

(Please inquire if the equipment type you wish to procure is not listed)

  • Monitors/Displays
  • Interactive boards
  • Cameras
  • Speakers/Mics
  • Projectors
  • AV Encoders/Decoders
  • Network video appliances
  • Lighting equipment
  • Acoustic Materials
  • Sound masking devices
  • Control systems
  • Media storage equipment
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Are You an AV Systems Integrator? 

To offer TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service solution for your audiovisual hardware and services, you must be a certified TAMCO partner. This is a network of exclusive system integrators who believe in the value of as-a-service solutions, desire to build a service-focused sales model, and want to build new recurring monthly revenue streams. For 30 years TAMCO has aligned with integrators in different technology sectors to help them offer their hardware-intensive technology solutions as a monthly subscription payment. If your organization wants to make the pivot to a service-focused sales model, build recurring monthly revenue, and offer unmatched added value and differentiation, explore a TAMCO partnership today.

Partnership Perks

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