Not Just Another Technology Finance Partner

Partnering with TAMCO helps your business grow profit margins, stand out from competition, and satisfies customer needs. Learn about the different benefits like creating recurring monthly revenue and differentiation that come with being a TAMCO partner. Keep scrolling to learn more about the benefits to being a TAMCO partner. 

Benefits To Partnering With TAMCO

recurringRecurring Monthly Revenue

A TAMCO payment option makes it easy and more logical for customers to commit to multiyear support and service agreements. Bundle it all as one convenient monthly payment & create more recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for your organization.




Secure Upfront Revenue

Offer customers as-a-service solutions and provide monthly payment options, but still generate immediate revenue for the solution sale.

differEnhance Differentiation

Partnering with TAMCO helps you add exclusive value with a better way for customers to pay for their technology solutions.

protectProtect Margins

Our exclusive payment program Shield helps prevent your solution from being viewed as a commodity where lowest cost becomes the driving focus. Protect your margins with Shield by taking the spotlight off the price and place it on the added value of protection, flexibility, and control. 

improveImprove Profitability

Partners that become proficient at positioning our monthly payment options will increase their win ratios, maximize the use of their sales resources, preserve more margin in their wins, and secure more recurring revenue. Resulting in even greater profitability.

valueIncrease Business Valuation

Our program helps partners gain commitment to their various support and service contracts with their customers. Since this is a higher margin sale it's a great way to create recurring revenue. Having the contractual business and quantifiable future revenue projections adds to the business valuation when a business owner is in the market to sell their enterprise.


customer-loyaltyBuild Customer Loyalty

The marketplace is too competitive for you to try to survive on sporadic project-oriented sales.  Building a base of customers that stick with you is critical.  TAMCO Shield payment program gives customers a good reason to work with your organization well into the future.

CLVBoost Customer Lifetime Value

Our as-a-service payment option, Shield can be offered for all of your customer’s technology needs. As well as bundling support and services. This allows you to maximize your depth, breadth, and value to customers. Equating to longer relationships and maximizing revenue from those sales.

sell-in-syncSell In Sync With Current Marketplace Drivers

Many integrators and solution providers cannot absorb the equipment costs of the shift to everything-as-a-service. TAMCO helps you overcome these challenges with our exclusive as-a-service option in order to sell in sync with these market changes.

TAMCO is more than another commodity leasing company. Partners receive a range of benefits that focus on helping you win & grow.

Learn more about how a no-cost partnership with TAMCO can be profitable by downloading this ebook.

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