Video Conferencing-as-a-Service

Video conferencing continues to morph, evolve, and merge with every other technology industry. From the days of ISDN and standard definition picture quality to internet connections with HD displays and video collaboration & immersion configurations. Video conferencing solutions are one of the rapidly changing technologies. Therefore, spending your company's precious capital on equipment that depreciates at such a rapid pace is not a smart business decision. Now, you have a better way to pay.

Change The Way You Pay For Video Conferencing

Learn about the one and only subscription monthly payment program for your video conferencing equipment that works as-a-service.


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Focus on Collaborating and Connecting

TAMCO can help you pay for a wide range of video conferencing hardware for cloud or premise solutions. Displays, cameras, mics, codecs, video storage devices, media players/recorders/servers. You just worry about growth and success, not the burdens of owning or outgrowing ever-changing video technology equipment.

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