A Visionary Idea to Disrupt an Industry

TAMCO was founded by Jack Thompson who came from a unique background that encompassed a blend of technology integration, financial engineering, and proven experience as a sales leader. It was that vast experience and knowledge of the technical and financial aspects of a technology solution sale that led him to pioneer TAMCO. Jack envisioned a better way for customers to procure and absorb technology by way of a termed rental program.

Breaking Ground on As-A-Service

Jack saw a demand from customers to have more control and flexibility as they entered in and out of technology lifecycles. At the same time, the offering would give integrators easier ways to sell services with those technologies while shortening the selling cycle.

Sound familiar? Nearly three decades before it’s time, Jack built an offering established with the same values that exist in any pure hardware-as-a-service offering. Jack was breaking ground on technology-as-a-service long before the subscription consumption model ever began to take hold.

Nearly three decades later, TAMCO has diversified and expanded its offerings in a multitude of technology sectors. All based on the principles and foundation born from Jack’s vision and early leadership team.

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