Not Your Typical Commodity Leasing Company

TAMCO was founded before the invention of a Blackberry, in 1994. We have survived the test of time. Well at least some tough moments in the early 2000’s, as many of you did. TAMCO is an acronym for Telecommunications Asset Management Company. We provide as a service financing and traditional leasing for technology equipment. This includes unified communications, telecommunications, and other related technology solution equipment.

TAMCO sells through a channel made up of value-added resellers (VAR’s), manufacturers, managed service providers (MSP), distributors, etc. If you can sell a premise, cloud, or hybrid based voice, data, or video technology equipment we should talk about being your leasing partner so you can sell like a champ!

About TAMCO - Telecommunications Asset Management Company
Great Customer Service

The status quo for high quality continues to evolve into a frustrating automated prompt recording. TAMCO adds value to a technology leasing relationship because, we prefer to pick up the phone when you call, offer our partners objective opinions about their pipelines, back up sales account executives as their finance expert on customer calls, and much more. 

We take the term "partnership" seriously. Something that will never change as technology evolves is the willingness to see our partners win. We will always believe in the power of doing business human to human.

Position leasing for your IT solution

Partners Position Leasing As A Component Of Their Total Solution

When partners offer TAMCO Shield to their customer it speeds up the sales cycle, and differentiates the partner from their competition.

Partner on your IT solution sales

We Are Here For You Every Step Of The Way

As a TAMCO partner, we are here to help you win. This means advising you on making a recommendation for your customer, being the financial expert for you, walk you through each step in the process, and support you in any way you need it. 

Win More IT solution Sales with TAMCO

Everyone Wins

Our partners are better at helping their customers meet technology needs today, saving capital for something unanticipated tomorrow, and providing greater flexibility and control than would be available with loans, bank lines, traditional leases, or cash purchases.

Want To Chat With Us?

We are here to help. Whether you are an existing partner, curious about becoming a partner, have a lease contract with us, or have a general question, let us know how we can help you. The people here at TAMCO are what make us great. We will do whatever we can to try to assist you with your needs. 

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