What is the SRG?

The Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) is a benefit to TAMCO Shield's, technology hardware as a service, monthly payment option. When you choose Shield to procure your technology solution you have the freedom and peace of mind to replace or upgrade to a new solution at any time during the term. There will be no rollover balances. No penalty fees. Your contract is completely forgiven and a new contract takes effect. 

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Stay At The Forefront of Technology 

Combat life's only certainty, change! Technology plays a mission critical role in how you operate. It is woven into the fabric of our daily lives. So, what effect would outdated, inefficient technology have on your operation? Now, you can protect yourself from creating a bottleneck to growth and stay competitive by being at the forefront of technology. Change the way you pay for technology by choosing TAMCO Shield, technology equipment as a service, and receive the freedom and peace of mind from the SRG.

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Exercising Your SRG Is Simple. It Works Like This: 

Identify Obsolescence

When your current solution’s feature functionality no longer meets your needs and it is creating inefficiencies, just contact TAMCO to begin the SRG process. 


A TAMCO team member will work with you to help identify the claim and walk you through the replacement process. 

Existing Agreement Forgiven

Once the customer is approved for a new contract agreement, with a new term that is equivalent or greater, the existing contract will be completely forgiven. No matter how much is owed. Nothing is rolled over and the customer will never be penalized for making the change. 

Use Existing Solution Provider

To take advantage of this benefit, customers are contractually obligated to use their existing solution provider. They will not need to find a new company to work with. They will be able to use their existing relationship to complete the replacement.


CASE STUDY: SRG Helped One Animal Welfare Nonprofit When They Expanded Operations

Tail Waggers needed to expand their technology capabilities. Thanks to their decision to finance using the TAMCO Shield monthly payment option, they were able to use the SRG. They replaced their entire solution in order to upgrade to new technology that helped them continue to successfully serve their community.

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TAMCO Shield with Obsolescence Protection

The SRG is just one of the many benefits that TAMCO Shield provides customers. This payment option works like a fee for use or technology equipment as a service. There is more freedom, flexibility, and control than any other payment choice available on the market. It's time to start using a better way to pay for your technology equipment that works with your business, not against it. Learn about all of the benefits Shield provides.

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Is Shield & SRG a Good Fit For You?  

Contact us today and let's discuss in more detail if Shield and the Solution Replacement Guarantee can benefit your business for your next technology acquisition.