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TAMCO Shield® is hardware or technology equipment as a service. Shield is a subscription-based payment model for your technology solutions. TAMCO Shield is different from a lease. It is different from every other payment option available because it provides you with added protection and flexibility unforeseen anywhere else on the market.

Technology is meant to make you more efficient and profitable, but when you own the technology, you own the added responsibility of it holding you back if something goes wrong or it no longer fits your needs. TAMCO Shield allows organizations to focus on operating and using the technology while it is useful and avoids the risk of being handcuffed to outdated obsolete technology that holds you back. 

Exclusive Benefits to Shield

Based on market indicators, X as a Service payment models make the most logical sense for acquiring a depreciating asset like technology. The value lies in the USE rather than ownership of the equipment. These subscription or as a service payment models are everywhere for a reason. And TAMCO Shield, when compared to other options, is the smartest way to pay both financially and technologically. Here are the exclusive benefits of Shield that no other payment option provides:

» Solution Replacement Guarantee

The Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) is simply, protection from technology obsolescence. Continue to grow, remain competitive and be agile in the market by always being at the forefront of technology. SRG upgrades or replaces your solution at any point in the term if it no longer meets your needs. No rollover balances. No penalty fees.  

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» Act of God Coverage

Protect your equipment from natural disasters. If any of the equipment under your Shield agreement is damaged during the term due to a natural disaster 100 percent of your out of pocket insurance deductible will be paid for by TAMCO, up to $5,000. 

» Easily Bundle Support Services

A monthly payment option like Shield makes bundling in support services over the term simple. Bundle it all into one monthly payment. Lock in, without finance charges, the cost of your vendor's maintenance or support agreement at today's labor rates for the duration of your contract term.

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» Flexible End of Term Options

Shield customers choose an end of term option that is right for them at the end of the term. A lot can change in 3-5 years. Decide what's best when the contract comes to an end, not upfront. Renew with the solution replacement guarantee, renew without it, return the equipment, upgrade to a new system, and more.

» Operating Expense

TAMCO Shield is an operating expense (OPEX) versus a traditional capital expense (CAPEX) financing option. An OPEX can provide certain benefits to a business. (*please consult with your accountant to find out how an operating expense can benefit your specific operation.)

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