Flat Screen Manufacturer Makes Big Impact On Bottom Line With Technology-as-a-Service

The Case 

VIZIO has become a household name, but when they were just finding their footing the high-definition flat panel TV manufacturer made a smart business decision by procuring their operation's unified communications technology with TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service solution.

As VIZIO showed up on the shelves of many national retailers; Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club, and Best Buy to name a few, their initial customer and support service center became a popular place for consumers to call. Due to VIZIO’s exceptional product performance at breakthrough prices and today’s most competitive service policies, such as free on-site repairs for an entire year after purchase, growth became inevitable.

Soon their existing telecommunications and related communication technology, while just a couple of years old, was no longer able to accommodate their operations needs. Therefore, when VIZIO upgraded its technology for its 40 employees, it decided to use TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service monthly subscription payment program. It was not but three months into the new contract that they began to have a large period of growth. The strategic decision to pay with TAMCO's exclusive technology-as-a-service solution proved to be beneficial. It allowed them to double their customer service technology needs without having to make the large capital outlay that would have been required with a capital expense payment.

The new technology solution that was implemented just three months prior was now not able to meet their needs, combined with the technology-as-a-service payment program, Vizio had the freedom and flexibility to replace the solution with a new one that better served their needs. Their existing contract was completely forgiven and a new one was implemented. They were excluded from any kind of financial penalty or rollover balances commonly associated with other financial programs when the customer needs to scale. 

Included in the TAMCO Technology-as-a-Service payment program is an exclusive feature called the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). The SRG allows customers to do just what Vizio did. In the event that your solution no longer meets your need or the technology becomes obsolete due to technology advancements, at any point in the term, the client can migrate or upgrade to a new solution. The existing contract is completely forgiven, and there are no rollover balances to take with you or financial penalties for breaking contracts. 

The Solution

VIZIO soon moved to a new, larger facility and expanded its call center operation to accommodate upwards of 120 employees with a lot of room for additional growth. The new solution is covered by a multi-year maintenance and service support plan, which includes software and hardware that’s capable of accommodating up to 1500 employees with the flexibility for telecommuting.

Because of the smart decision to pay for their communications equipment with TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service, VIZIO was able to have a large positive impact on their bottom line. Thanks to the monthly payment and SRG they were able to upgrade much quicker and preserve more capital than they would have if they'd gone with a capital expense.

The technical support manager from VIZIO that was the point of contact when working with TAMCO, stated, “The whole system replacement process was a good experience. Once we made the decision on the new system, everything went forward as planned. It was completely seamless. We are now much more efficient in our support efforts and can add more people as needed. For a fast-growing business like ours, Technology-as-a-Service was clearly the right choice.”


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