Financing for video conferencing solutions in a changing environment

Video conferencing continues to morph, evolve, and merge with every other technology industry. From the days of ISDN and standard definition picture quality to internet connections with HD displays and video collaboration & immersion configurations. Video conferencing solutions are one of rapidly changing technologies. Therefore, spending your companies precious capital on equipment that depreciates at such a rapid pace is not a smart business decision. 

Learn about TAMCO Shield to pay for your organization's video conference technology equipment.  Shield allows you to use your technology while it's useful and you can replace and upgrade it in the event that it no longer fits your needs. You never have to find yourself stuck, owning outdated and outgrown video technology that can compromise your bottom line. 

You should never have to sacrifice your operations due to your video technology holding you back. Learn more about TAMCO Shield, the only monthly payment option that works like a termed rental agreement, protects you from technology obsolescence, gives you natural disaster coverage, offers control with multiple end of term options, and provides accounting incentives through it's operating expense advantages. 

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