Voice, Video, and Data Equipment As A Service

TAMCO Shield® is a subscription based payment model for voice, video, and data technology equipment that provides you with added protection and flexibility unforeseen anywhere else on the market. 

The Exclusive Benefits Of TAMCO Shield

Solution Replacement Guarantee

This is essentially technology obsolescence protection. Whether it is day one or three years into the term, if your acquired IT solution no longer meets your needs, you can have it replaced with a new solution. Your existing contract is forgiven. No balance roll overs. No hidden fees. 

Act of God

Protect your equipment from natural disasters. If any of the equipment financed with TAMCO Shield is damaged during the term due to a natural disaster such as flooding, lightning, tornados, fire, etc. 100 percent of your out of pocket insurance deductible will be paid for by TAMCO. 

Operating Expense

Shield is specifically designed as an operating expense (OPEX) and qualifies for off-balance sheet accounting treatment. Utilizing this type of accounting treatment preserves cash, maintains credit lines and allows you to protect your debt rations. (*please consult with your accountant to find out how an operating expense can benefit your specific operation.)

Flexible End of Term Options

Shield allows customers to choose an end of term option that is right for them. You can renew the agreement with the solution replacement guarantee intact, renew without it, purchase the system for fair market value and own it, return the equipment, or select a new system. There is a lot that can change in 3-5 years. This provides the luxory of deciding what the best option will be when the contract is coming to an end, and not having to make that decision upfront. 
Can your bank offer this protection? Will your cash give you this peace of mind? We all have to pay for voice, video, and data equipment to run our business. Some are just smarter about it than others.

Need Some Help?

We have been told a time or two that we are helpful.  

We are here if you need a little extra help figuring out where to begin or how to move forward. If you need additional information or just want a real person to contact you directly, we can arrange that. We are real people on the other side of this website. We care about you making the smart payment choice for your personal circumstances.

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