Can Lack of Capital Budget Create an Opportunity for Selling Technology-as-a-Service?

Oct 19, 2023 12:10:34 PM by: Scott Morgan

Technology-as-a-Service Is Not a Tool For Budget Constraints Technology-as-a-service (TaaS) was never created as a tool to help with budget constraints. In fact, lack of budget is the least important reason why customers would want a TaaS solution. To use this as its only selling point would significantly devalue its purpose and be a complete disservice to the opportunities TaaS presents. Read More

Your Sales Team & TaaS Sales: Are They Order Takers or Selling Experiences & Relationships?

Sep 13, 2023 10:15:04 AM by: Scott Morgan

As businesses increasingly rely on seamless communication and immersive experiences, system integrators have a golden opportunity to transition from a project-based sales model to a more lucrative and sustainable one: Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS). TaaS is an ideal solution for integrators and customers alike. TaaS offers better outcomes, access, and experiences for the customer while building ... Read More

Who Is The Right  Fit For Technology-as-a-Service Solutions?

Sep 1, 2023 12:46:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

TAMCO specializes in helping integrators adopt a technology-as-a-service sales model. We partner with hundreds of integrators and speak with hundreds more who are exploring whether they truly want to make a shift to a service-focused sales strategy. One of the most popular questions posed to us during initial conversations is – Who is a good fit for technology-as-a-service solutions? Read More

[Video] Why You Do Not Want To Own Technology Solutions

Aug 11, 2023 11:49:42 AM by: Scott Morgan

[Video Transcript Below] Why You Do Not Want To Own Technology Solutions Historically, almost all technology solution installations for organizations have been paid for with an upfront purchase or a financing arrangement that resulted in ownership. However, in today’s marketplace, three key factors, in particular, should make any organization want to avoid ownership and look for a better way to ... Read More

VIDEO: How Are Services & Support Paid to Integrators With TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service Offering?

Dec 6, 2022 4:59:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

Read More

VIDEO: Who Provides The Services & Support in TAMCO's Technology-as-a-Service Offering

Dec 6, 2022 4:49:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

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VIDEO: What Happens at End of Term With a Technology-as-a-Service Offering

Dec 6, 2022 4:42:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

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VIDEO: What Does The Act of God Coverage Provide

Dec 6, 2022 1:50:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

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VIDEO: How Does The Solution Replacement Guarantee Work?

Dec 6, 2022 1:37:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

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VIDEO: Ready • Fire • Aim | a.k.a. I Need a Quote

Aug 30, 2022 11:34:07 AM by: Scott Morgan

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