Oct 19, 2023 12:10:34 PM by: Scott Morgan

Technology-as-a-Service Is Not a Tool For Budget Constraints

Technology-as-a-service (TaaS) was never created as a tool to help with budget constraints. In fact, lack of budget is the least important reason why customers would want a TaaS solution. To use this as its only selling point would significantly devalue its purpose and be a complete disservice to the opportunities TaaS presents.

Reasons For Technology-as-a-Service 

In our 30 years of helping integrators, customers have historically cited flexibility, peace of mind, the desire for use without ownership responsibilities, and the ability to shift various risks away from their organization as the primary reasons for electing technology-as-a-service over outright cash purchases.

When Is Lack of Budget Is An Opportunity For TaaS?

But, every so often market conditions can make a lack of budget more relevant than usual. In fact, the unprecedented market forces your customers are experiencing today may be creating a great sales opportunity. Those conditions include:

  • Escalating expenses for talent, labor, hiring, and retention
  • Largest cost increases for insurance and employee benefits experienced in years
  • Interest rates that continue to rise
  • Supply chain issues
  • The potential of a looming recession
  • The uncertainty of a post-pandemic new world order that is still being shaped

Why TaaS Works for This Situation

This combination of factors has depleted customer budgets across all projects including new technology solution installations. The fixed, manageable monthly payment of TaaS is a great way to address the immediate concern with budget, while still having other significant value and appeal when these challenging market conditions subside.

For TaaS Success Understanding Its Full Value Is Still Necessary

From a sales perspective, the good news is integrators already automatically think of TaaS as a fix for lack of budget. The bad news is most do not seem to be able to convey value beyond that one point.

The sales environment is never static. The economic landscape constantly changes and each customer's motivations are specific to their circumstances. That is the reason TAMCO stresses the importance that our partners be able to express the many other value points customers find attractive with TaaS. We are admittedly in an ideal environment to leverage a lack of budget but understand TaaS allows you to leverage much more as well.

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