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Any TAMCO Technology-As-A-Service service solution will be a three-party transaction that involves a customer, the customer’s technology integrator, and TAMCO. By looking at the solution value and responsibilities attributable to TAMCO and the integrator, we can clarify some confusion that sometimes arises regarding what organization provides the service and support to the customer under a TAMCO technology as a service solution.

In general, it may help to associate TAMCO with all things related to the “payment” while associating the integrator with all things related to the “technology”. And to be crystal clear, we will simply identify who is responsible for the most common parts of the solution under a TAMCO technology as a service program.

TAMCO focuses on pulling together all the elements of expense of a technology solution into an as a service subscription program, with compelling protection and benefits not available with any other payment alternative. Specifically, TAMCO value and responsibilities include managing the customer payment approval process, providing the monthly payment subscription agreement, billing the monthly payment, and via that monthly payment, providing the exclusive protection of the Solution Replacement Guarantee and Act of God coverage.

The integrator, on the other hand, focuses on all aspects of understanding the customer’s technology needs and delivering and then supporting the installed solution. Specifically, the integrator manages the technology needs assessment, the solution design and configuration process, the equipment procurement and installation, and training. The integrator will provide any equipment warranty along with the ongoing services for support SLAs, maintenance, or other services agreed upon between the integrator and customer.

While it is the combination of value and responsibilities contributed by both TAMCO and the integrator that create the compelling technology as a service offering, the agreed-upon support services are always provided by the integrator.

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