Sep 13, 2023 10:15:04 AM by: Scott Morgan

As businesses increasingly rely on seamless communication and immersive experiences, system integrators have a golden opportunity to transition from a project-based sales model to a more lucrative and sustainable one: Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS). TaaS is an ideal solution for integrators and customers alike. TaaS offers better outcomes, access, and experiences for the customer while building lucrative and sustainable recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for integrators through the high-margin multiyear managed services that are bundled into the offering at the point of sale.  

Breaking Old Habits & Seeing The Value of TaaS 

Most integrators love the idea of TaaS, but here's the catch - their sales teams have only known one way of selling. That way is transactional and focuses on what to buy with minimal thought given to how to buy unless it is specifically asked for or it's time to finalize a sale. Therefore, integrators fail at selling TaaS and building RMR because their sales teams struggle to adapt to a different style of selling.

To truly succeed, system integrators must stop waiting around for customers to explicitly ask for a TaaS option or other form of subscription solution and start believing in its value and recommending it as an offering that truly provides improved experiences and preferable outcomes.

It begins at the top. Integrator leadership and executives must transition their sales teams from operating like order takers and teach them the importance of stepping up into a proactive sales strategy, offering their customers high-value experiences and outcomes in a use-based, fully-managed solution. 

Adapt Or Say Goodbye to Multiyear Service Sales & RMR

System integrators who continue to operate in this reactive sales mode, waiting for the customer to ask for a specific Technology-as-a-Service are going to struggle to compete in the subscription consumption model space. Subsequently, it will lose out on immense opportunities to sell high-margin, multiyear managed services that will bring in sustainable and predictable recurring monthly revenue for the integrator. 

Customers Are Demanding TaaS, They're Just Using Different Words

If integrators want to be aligned with evolving customer expectations, then they need to understand that TaaS is in fact the solution they are asking for (without actually knowing it or saying those words).

During the discovery process, many integrators only ask questions about the technology when they should be layering in questions (like these here) that uncover their technology lifecycle, managed services needs, and procurement.

As this recent AV Interactive article points out, a few of the key customer requirements for today’s technology solutions now include:

  • Greater value
  • More flexibility
  • Agility to adapt quickly
  • Transfer of business risk
  • Financial clarity and predictability

However, traditional cash purchases can not deliver this combination of requirements and are just too risky, while Technology-as-a-Service provides all of the above and more.

Helping Integrators Adapt for 30 Years

TAMCO has spent 30 years collaborating with technology solution providers and integrators to offer the opportunity to successfully adopt as-a-service solutions and adapt to a service-focused sales model. In fact, it is all we do. Technology is the only industry we work in; AV, security, digital signage, data networking, unified communication, storage devices, etc.

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