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One of the most common questions we are asked about the TAMCO Technology-As-A-Service payment program is, “What happens at end of term?”

This is actually pretty straightforward. There are two options . . . Renew (which you should think of as keep the service turned on) or Return (which you should think of as turn the service off).

Let’s start with Renew. If a customer reaches the end of term of their technology as a service subscription agreement and they still need and value the technology equipment and the support services associated with that solution, they can renew the technology as a service program. The standard renewal subscription term is 36 months at a reduced monthly payment. And all of the TAMCO technology as a service program benefits, like the Solution Replacement Guarantee and Act of God Coverage, will pull through to the renewal term.

Now let’s consider the Return option. After completing their original term, if for some reason the customer no longer wants or needs the technology solution and associated support services, they can elect to terminate the service. Remember, this is a service solution and customers do not own any of the technology equipment and hardware associated with delivering the as a service solution. So when they terminate service, they must return that equipment to TAMCO.

In the event a customer does not inform TAMCO of their intent to renew or return, we simply continue the current monthly payment until we can connect with them to understand how they would like to proceed.

So ultimately, with TAMCO’s technology as a service offering, simply think of end of term as a question of whether to keep service to turn service off.

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