How To Get More Out of Your Premise or Cloud Sales Funnel [INFOGRAPHIC]

Oct 31, 2016 2:00:00 PM by: Scott Morgan

A career in sales requires you constantly refill your funnel. You need 100 suspects to find 40 prospects to create 10 opportunities and actually meet with 5 potential customers to win a single sale. Or something like that. Read More

What Tech Equipment Can You Lease for Your Office?

Sep 29, 2016 10:30:00 AM by: Scott Morgan

Furnishing an office with the necessary equipment to stay competitive in today’s market can require a lot of capital—especially if you plan on making a cash purchase. If ownership is your end goal, there are other means to attaining office equipment rather than paying for it upfront and tying up your capital. Instead, you could finance to own it. Or, you could finance to simply use. Read More

Pros & Cons: Leasing vs Buying your Phone System

Sep 8, 2016 11:24:56 AM by: Scott Morgan

Whether you are a small start-up business or a large corporation, technology, such as voice, video or data, use is inevitable and a necessity to staying competitive in the marketplace. So, how are you going to pay for the equipment you need; what are your options? Read More

6 Key Traits of Successful Sales People

Aug 10, 2016 12:32:42 PM by: Scott Morgan

You have heard it said that selling is a skill and like any other, the more you work at it and practice, the better you get. Whether you are crushing quota or just getting by, sharpening your sales skills should always be a priority. Those valuable skills can take many shapes and over the years we have identified six key traits common among your most successful peers. If you are not already, try ... Read More

3 Questions Every Customer Must Answer When Buying A New Technology Solution

Jun 7, 2016 1:58:46 PM by: Scott Morgan

1. What technology solution will meet our needs? 2. Who do we trust to install and support it? 3. How will we pay for it? Do you have an answer for all three?  You better! As a VAR or MSP of technology solutions, your organization is obviously in the business of recommending a technology solution to meet a customer’s needs. And of course you will exalt the many reasons that yours is the best ... Read More

CAPEX vs OPEX, Choosing The Best Buying Option for Voice, Video or Data Equipment

Jun 1, 2016 3:20:17 PM by: Scott Morgan

CIOs and CFOs make major decisions about the voice, video, or data technology equipment their organization needs. But before the CIO begins requesting funds for essentially an investment that will only depreciate, understanding how the organization will pay or procure the technology is a critical decision making factor. Fortunately, there are flexible financial models outside of paying cash or ... Read More

How To Determine If Your Prospects Are Buyers or Tire-kickers

May 31, 2016 12:32:41 PM by: Scott Morgan

Say you work in automotive sales. A prospective buyer walks onto your showroom floor, and starts hovering over a flashy new model with a six-figure sticker price. What's going through your head? Your commission? Your quota? Your boss breathing down your neck? Read More

Small Businesses & Technology Solution Sales: 5 Reasons Paying Cash Is Bad For Business

Apr 26, 2016 3:22:19 PM by: Scott Morgan

At first thought you may think financing is not truly a payment option that small businesses need or use all that frequently. After all, their technology needs are not as considerable in scope or cost as larger organizations. What is the benefit of financing a $7,000 phone system, or a $10,000 WiFi network upgrade, or other small ticket technology equipment? Most small businesses prefer to pay ... Read More

What is Unified Communications?

Jun 2, 2015 11:57:00 AM by: Scott Morgan

What Is Unified Communications Unified communications (UC) gives businesses the ability to stay connected across any and all methods of communications with one network. In essence UC connects VoIP and any other computer related communication technology. UC brings together voice, video, email, instant messaging, data sharing, and much more into one consolidated integrated application. With the ... Read More

How To Remove The Challenges Of Acquiring E911 Solutions

Jun 1, 2015 9:59:45 AM by: Scott Morgan

Updating Life Saving Technology Our country’s 911 system has changed over time and will continue to do so as the way we communicate changes with emerging technologies. While older 911 service may have required the caller to provide their address, Enhanced 911 service automatically provides this information. While wireless phones at one time posed a problem in terms of identifying similar caller ... Read More

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