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We’d be swimming in nickels if we had one for every time we heard an integrator say “we are still looking for the right fit for Technology as a Service, then we will call you about a partnership” or “hey I know we aren’t partners yet but we finally got one, the customer asked for a Technology as a Service solution, how do I get pricing and a quote”.

Unfortunately, that is Ready Fire Aim!

Before you start looking for technology-as-a-service sales opportunities and before you ask TAMCO, or any financing partner, for an as-a-service quote to present to a customer, your organization needs to be prepared for the subtle shifts necessary to sell as-a-service solutions.

Realizing you do not know the answers to some very important questions during an actual sales opportunity will not be a good experience for you or your customers. Questions like . . .

  • “What do we tell a customer asking about an interest rate on an as-a-service subscription?”
  • “How do we get paid the recurring revenue of our five-year maintenance and support contract?”
  • “What happens at the end of the as-a-service solution term?”
  • “When do we get paid for the project installation for an as-a-service sale?”
  • “What happens if supply chain issues delay install?”
  • “How does the as-a-service technology guarantee work?”
  • “What are non-recoverable costs, and why do they matter?”

The good news is that TAMCO can quickly help your organization understand these details. We have mapped out a simple, logical partner onboarding process for integrators that would like to adopt a go-to-market sales strategy focused on as-a-service solutions. So before you provide as-a-service quotes, let’s ensure your organization is prepared to succeed. Contact us to confirm partnership fit or to schedule partner onboarding.

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