Sep 18, 2020 3:46:49 PM by: Scott Morgan

The U.S. economy remains unsettled during COVID-19. While many businesses have reopened, a majority continue to operate in limited capacity, either due to reduced occupancy numbers to follow COVID-19 safety guidelines, such as is the case for fitness facilities, restaurants and retailers, or because customers are not comfortable enough to fully return to their pre-COVID consumer habits.


The accompanying decline in revenues means businesses are proceeding cautiously with their own spending because they do not have a clear picture of the future. Many have shifted to a more conservative cash preservation mode in hopes they can survive until a new normal is established.


Even though your customers and prospects may face budget challenges today, they are still learning, preparing, and planning for how they will thrive and grow their businesses. They are just looking for more efficient and flexible ways to do so.


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While splash shields and social distancing floor markers are a start, when it comes to technology companies have to now incorporate new communication tools, like video conferencing technology, to support employees who work remotely so that they may continue to interact and collaborate with colleagues and customers. Then there are additional security solutions being installed in businesses as employees come back to work like touchless entries and thermal imaging solutions to pre-screen employees and customers for elevated temperatures, one of the most common symptoms of COVID-19.


Whether a pandemic is modifying our social and commercial interactions, and whether we are in a good or bad economic environment, the reality is a variety of technology solutions will always be critical tools organizations use to help them achieve success. This is why during these difficult times, it’s important for integrators to strengthen their relationships with customers, suggest ways to help them preserve capital like monthly payment procurement options and help them move forward with their technology strategies. Stay involved in their conversations so that when the customer is ready to consider new tools you have already been part of the conversation.


Consider turning the focus of your outreach into educating your customers about the communication solutions and security technologies that can help them remain open, welcome back employees or is something to simply be aware of. This includes identifying which technologies could prove the most beneficial in the short term, but also technologies that provide long-term value and relevance. Engaging with your customers and prospects in this manner will enable your business and the solutions you have to offer to remain top of mind.


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