Nov 15, 2023 11:09:47 AM by: Paul Metzheiser

Who do you believe makes the best fit for technology-as-a-service solutions? 

  1. Large enterprises
  2. Mid-market companies
  3. Small businesses
  4. Nonprofits
  5. Education
  6. Local government
  7. Budget-challenged organizations
  8. All of the above and more

This is the most commonly posed question regarding Technology-as-a-Service (TaaS). Immediately upon hearing the value of TaaS, it’s human nature to ask for or seek a match.

That said, the answer is (H) All of the above. 


The leverage of cash to be applied to revenue-generating assets or longer-lasting investments doesn’t discriminate based on the type of organization. Neither does the market value of the solution the day after installation. Plus, obsolescence pressures have no boundaries, despite the type of organization.

Don’t Play Judge & Jury Selling TaaS

Playing judge and jury is a big trap for many system integrator sales professionals. The irony is that most customers have leveraged the subscription consumption model in other areas outside of AV, physical security, and IT. It’s just like any other product, to be successful one must position and solve every sale, worst case, the customer pays in cash terms, but you have differentiated yourself and provided a credible and relevant offering.

The Most Common Answer

The most common answer to this question is (G). For some reason, Technology-as-a-Service, or financing in general, has a stereotype that it is only for customers with no cash or no budget. However, even if a customer has the budget or capital, TaaS has proven to be a better method of procurement for absorbing today’s technical solutions.
That said, inflationary pressure has increased on all businesses and organizations' expenses. Hence, you will likely get the objection or block that they cannot proceed due to a lack of capital. Then, by all means, leverage this offering to differentiate and win the sale, but remember even if they have the capital, to be a trusted advisor, make the recommendation on how to procure, just like you do on what to procure.

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