May 27, 2014 4:36:54 AM by: Scott Morgan

“Buy that which appreciates and finance that which depreciates” – J. Paul Getty

Unified CommunicationsEven just an average investor is smart enough to know that they should not put their money into an asset that will ultimately lose value. But day after day companies feel this need to own everything. What is with this “MINE” mentality? What good is it to pay for something that in the end will not be worth a dime to your business?

Talking about technology, more specifically, unified communications. Think telephone or voice systems, video conferencing equipment, handsets, data equipment or any other type of business technology equipment. This stuff depreciates faster than you can install it.

Every company is different and has its own reasoning for why they chose to buy something rather than Finance or finance. But after being in the equipment financing business for over 20 years, we have developed a program that is far superior to a traditional way of financing called TAMCO Shield. Shield is a product that, when offered correctly to a customer, fits an intelligent model of acquiring unified communications.

We have listed the top five reasons choosing Shield over any other type of procurement is an ideal fit for most businesses.

  1. Solution Replacement Guarantee. Chose the equipment that fits your business. If at ANY time during the term of your contract your equipment does not fit the needs of your operation or if something superior enters the market that will suit your business more effectively, REPLACE IT. We forgive your contract. A new one is issued. No balance to rollover. No hidden fees or penalties Read how VIZIO used the replacement guarantee
  2. Shield is an Operating Expense Monthly Payment Option. Shield qualifies for off balance sheet accounting and could provide your company with tax benefits.
  3. Act of God Coverage. If your technology incurs any damage or is destroyed as a result of a natural disaster, under Shield, we will provide a reimbursement of up to $5,000 for out of pocket insurance deductible costs.
  4. Monthly Right to Use Fee. Like we talked about above, the focus here is to keep you from owning this depreciating asset. It is just not a smart investment of your cash. So you are paying a right to use fee why we absorb the risk of ownership.
  5. End of Term Options. If you do keep your equipment for the duration of the contract we honor your commitment and work with you on the best end of term options. You could renew the contract, buy the equipment at a fair market value, or replace the equipment. You make this decision at the end of the contract, so you know what will work for your business at the time.

Shield allows you to save your cash, protect your lines of credit, and provides you the flexibility to adapt to change in your business, by not handcuffing you to equipment that no longer meets your needs. Contradictory to what you may have always known, you have the option to procure equipment in more ways than cash. So when your sales representative recommends what you should buy, be sure you discuss how to buy it, too.

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