An operating expense (OPEX) lease that puts you in greater control

TAMCO Shield® is a financial solution to paying for voice, video, and data equipment that is different than cash or traditional leasing. Designed as a termed rental agreement, Shield is an operating expense (OPEX) lease that provides unparalleled flexibility and protection.

This innovative program takes into consideration business, financial, and technology requirements associated with acquiring unified communications and IT equipment.

TAMCO Premise Shield offers:

Solution Replacement Guarantee

If the current solution no longer meets your needs, you can have it replaced with a new solution at any time. Your existing contract is forgiven without rolling over the previous balance or charging hidden fees.

Act of God

In the event of a natural disaster, under Shield, we cover your out of pocket insurance deductible on the damaged equipment.

Operating Expense

Shield is specifically designed as an operating expense (OPEX) and qualifies for off-balance sheet accounting treatment. In addition to preserving cash, and maintaining any lines of credit, this also allows you to protect debt ratios.

Flexible End of Term Options

At the end of your Shield agreement you have many different options. You can renew the agreement with the replacement guarantee intact, renew without it, purchase the system for fair market value and own it, return the equipment, or select a new system. You decide what the best option will be when the contract is coming to an end.
We all have to pay for communication & IT equipment to run our business. Some are just smarter about it than others.

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