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Security As A Service: Preserving Cash Flow & Solving Crimes

The Case 

The City of Cordele is a small municipality in South Georgia. Over 41 percent of the population is under the poverty line and the city unfortunately has one of the highest crime rates in the country. According to your chances of being a victim of a violent or property crime in Cordele is one in 17. The city recognized the need for updated surveillance technology as never being more important.

The city had been operating with outdated, failing security surveillance systems for some time. With a community that has been so stricken with crime, the community leaders knew they needed to step up and make a change in creating a safer community. The city decided they were not only going to install surveillance systems on city property, but they would implement new surveillance cameras in areas where the highest level of crimes are reported.

Major Concerns

With the city moving forward with implementing new security surveillance technology they were going in with two major concerns:

  1. How to pay for the technology and
  2. Maintaining the solution and/or making sure they do not end up being handcuffed to obsolete equipment like they had been prior.

The Solution

When the city’s security integrator stepped in to recommend the right solution they discovered their pain points and knew the best way to settle their concerns was to introduce their Security Equipment as a Service offering. The integrator took a multifaceted approach to solving their concerns.

  1. First, they addressed the worry of paying for a solution only to get stuck with outdated technology down the road. The integrator recommended TAMCO Shield, Security Equipment as a Service (SEaaS). TAMCO’s SEaaS option includes the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). The SRG means that when the existing solution no longer fits the needs of the customer, whether they grow or technology changes, they can replace it with a new solution that better suits their organization. They could replace the equipment without penalty at any point during the term of the SEaaS agreement.

  2. Then, they addressed the operational or day to day needs by including multiyear maintenance services into the recommendation. This protected Cordele for the entire term of the agreement. Due to the SEaaS convenient monthly payment, the integrator was able to easily bundle the maintenance into the payment making it nearly unnoticeable.

In the end, the city was able to not only equip itself with the best technology needed but do so with more protection and flexibility than ever before. No other integrator could match the same value-add. Bonus, not long after installation, their new system played a part in solving a murder. Justice for all!

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