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Cleaning Products Distributor Gains A New Telecom System To Enhance Their Customer Experience

The Case 

Continental Research Corporation has been in business since 1967, distributing cleaning products, services, and systems in St. Louis, Missouri. Their focus is on their customers and upholding the highest professional standards, especially when it comes to customer service. 

One winter, the operations manager, Toni Hill, was concerned that their seven year old Nortel MICS system was no longer meeting their needs. The telecom system was inhibiting their ability to make their customer's experiences hassle-free, and therefore was not meeting the company's standards of service. 

This sparked Continental to do a complete reevaluation of their technology and their finances. That's when a TAMCO partner stepped in to help with this process and ran an audit on their technology use and current spend to better recommend a new total business solution.

The Solution

Once the analysis was complete, the rep was then able to recommend a technology solution that would help Continental reach their customer service goals. Then it was time for the how to buy conversation to come into play. 

The TAMCO partner recognized the customer's need for continued maintenance and support on their equipment, flexible options to keep the corporation up to speed with the latest technology, and, most importantly, preservation of capital. The partner recommended TAMCO Shield, a termed rental, as the procurement method, which, when coupled with their new technology solution, addressed the business, technology, and financial concerns that Continental Research Corporation had.

Opting to bundle in TAMCO pass-through maintenance, having the flexibility of the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG), and having low monthly payments answered all of the customer's pain points and needs in a fashion that made both the CFO and the IT manager happy. According to Toni, this was a complete solution that was well timed. 

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