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We have heard all of the excuses and myths as to who should and should not finance:Only small companies finance

  • Only large companies finance
  • Companies in this vertical do not finance
  • Organizations do not need to finance with lower cost solutions
  • Organizations do not finance with higher cost solutions
  • This particular geography does not finance
  • Customers who have cash/capital do not finance

However, no matter the reason people do or do not go with a monthly payment option, there is simply one type of person that should finance their communications  and other related technology equipment. That type of person is a smart person.Financing has nothing to do with the size of a company, the amount of capital they have, how small or large a solution costs, or where a company is located. It all boils down to mentality.

Do You Have The Right Mentality?

Think about it, it is common practice in operating an office, to finance a copy machine. It is a large expenditure that most only care about the use of, not the ownership of, that can become outdated fairly rapidly. Yet, when it comes to the elaborate unified communications technology equipment needed to operate, too many think they have to shell out the large capital outlay to own it.

TAMCO Shield - The Smart Way To Pay

TAMCO Shield was designed with all of this in mind. It is a revolutionary way to pay for the communications equipment that considers the business, financial, and technical requirements to operate.Shield is different than traditional financing or a cash purchase. It is a termed rental agreement, with flexibility and added protection to give you peace of mind. It is a monthly payment option that works perfect for the growing as-a-service demand.When a customer pays cash or uses a bank loan because they were enticed by the low interest rate, there is no payment flexibility, ownership of a lot of equipment that loses value rapidly is the only option, and when considering the financial implications associated with the time value of money, it can often be a very costly option. Also, there may be a negative impact to credit ratings and financial ratios. That can have an effect for future needs, like acquiring revenue generating type assets.

How To Make The Right Decision?

Research and understand all of the options. Whether you sell technology or you are in the market to acquire it for your organization, the best thing you can do is understand all of the options available and evaluate them based on the financial situation and needs of the business at hand.Also, recruit an expert. TAMCO has designated contacts that are dedicated to helping IT solution providers provide the best recommendation to customers to create a win-win for everyone.Learn more about the benefits of Shield to find out if it is right for you.

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