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Green Hotel Stuck To Their Budget Without Compromising The Technology Quality

The Case 

The Orchard Garden Hotel is California's only hotel built to the nationally accepted standards for green buildings developed by the US Green Building Council. The company's dedication to sustaining the environment is surpassed only by their commitment to service, ensuring their guests always have the best experience possible.

The hotel was being constructed from the ground up and like all construction projects, followed a strict budget. However, the main problem during construction was that the cost of a best-in-class communications solution was more than what they anticipated. Needing to protect their cash for other materials, they decided to investigate acquisition options for technology. The Orchard Garden wanted to ensure that they could always offer the latest and greatest technology for their guests.

The Solution

A TAMCO partner offered a top of the line technology solution for the Orchard Garden's telecommunications system but also knew it was important to address the business and financial aspects that were of utmost importance to management. 

The partner recommended TAMCO Shield, a termed rental which would free up their precious cash that was needed for completing the construction of the project. Shield's Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) adds flexibility for them to upgrade to newer technology in order to continue to be a state-of-the-art facility. Not to mention, it provides them with peace of mind knowing they are not contractually tied to equipment that could be one day obsolete. According to general manager, Stefan Muhle:

"TAMCO Shield made the most sense and was a clear choice, but the most important aspects was that it allowed us to stay within our project budget and that we would always be protected in the event that we need new technology down the road."

Some companies tend to hang onto technology as long as possible, but in the upscale hotel industry, it is essential that you provide the most modern equipment. TAMCO Shield allows the Orchard Garden Hotel to do just that and more, without breaking the budget. 


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