Eco-Friendly Hotel Stays on Budget Without Compromising Technology Quality

The Case 

The Orchard Garden Hotel is one of California's first and foremost eco-friendly hotels. Inspired by the famous “Orchard Road” in Singapore, The Orchard Garden Hotel celebrates a legacy of Asian hospitality that mirrors the vision of Mr. S.C. Huang and his family, magnificently captured in a modern setting. With that kind of inspiration and reputation this hotel needed to transpire the most stylish and first-class hospitality solutions at every turn.

Much like all construction projects, there is one small obstacle that we all must face. The budget! To showcase the best-in-class can often mean less than the desired budget to accomplish your goals. To install the communication solutions this hotel was going to need within the budget parameters given wasn’t going to be an easy feat.

It was mission-critical that the hotel project protects their cash for other materials. Therefore, they needed to explore their options for procuring the technology they needed. The Orchard Garden expressed that they needed to make sure they could always provide the latest and greatest technology for their guests. Technology plays a large part in their overall commitment to service and experience.

The Solution

The solution integrator working with the hotel took into consideration all of the wants and needs that were expressed, as well as the pain points and concerns. Being a TAMCO partner, the integrator was able to propose a top-of-the-line technology solution for the Orchard Garden’s unified communication system. The recommendation addressed not just their business needs, but also solved their financial or budget concerns without wavering on quality.

The integrator partner proposed TAMCO Shield, Technology-as-a-Service monthly payment alongside the technical recommendation. The as-a-service solution created a monthly payment subscription solution that offered benefits a capital expense solution could never offer. This recommendation freed up their precious capital that was needed for other areas of the construction project. It also offered them the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) which adds flexibility for them to upgrade or scale to new technology if the existing solution no longer serves their needs. This solves their concern of needing to remain at the forefront of technology and provide a state-of-the-art facility for their guests. Additionally, it provides peace of mind knowing they are not contractually tied to equipment that could become obsolete.

According to general manager, Stefan Muhle:

"Technology-as-a-Service made the most sense and was a clear choice, but the most important aspect was that it allowed us to stay within our project budget and that we would always be protected in the event that we need new technology down the road."

Some companies tend to hang onto technology as long as possible, but in the upscale hospitality industry, that is just not a viable option these days. It is essential that you provide the most modern experience and a part of that includes technology and its hardware. TAMCO Technology-as-a-Service allows the Orchard Garden Hotel to do just that and more, without breaking the budget. 

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