Utilizing Cash Flow Effectively

Why Banks See The Value Of Shield, Despite Having The Cash To Pay For Technology

The Case 

Staying connected and being able to manage relationships is at the heart of how Coastal Community Bank thrives. It is at their core to build trusted relationships and be a financial institution its clients can depend on. To do this, Coastal relies heavily on their systems and network infrastructure, so they explored a managed network solution to serve their 12 locations throughout the Everett, WA community. It was critical that they continue to deliver that trust and respected customer experience no matter how the bank, its processes, or technology changes over the years.

When the bank's system integrator stepped in to assist the bank with its technology acquisition, he did something important. He not only did his qualifying process to discover what the technical needs were, but he took it a step further and looped in his financing partner, TAMCO, to assist the bank with their financial needs. Therefore, instead of talking to the bank on his own about payment options and financial considerations or assuming the bank knew how they should pay for technology, he designed a more credible sale by collaborating with TAMCO, who was able to be the financial expert for him.

Together, with TAMCO the integrator was able to uncover early in the sales process the bank's concerns regarding how technology and business needs change so rapidly. The potential of having obsolete technology and not being able to provide the highest quality of service was a very real fear for the bank. 

The Solution

After TAMCO and the solution integrator worked in collaboration to discover the bank's various concerns, the system integrator put together a strong solution recommendation to address and solve their concerns. The proposal included the technical product, but what made it stand out was the combined financial recommendation of TAMCO Shield, technology-as-a-service. The benefits of Shield above a capital expense option put all of their concerns to rest. In particular, the ability to preserve capital on a depreciating asset and receive the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). This offered peace of mind and protection against whatever the future may bring. This total solution recommendation included what they should buy along with how they should buy it. Allowing the bank to maintain their reputation and promise of an exceptional customer experience which was of utmost importance to them.

TAMCO Shield is a technology-as-a-service that was designed to solve many common concerns businesses face as they evaluate technology equipment acquisitions. Including, the ability to scale if the solution no longer meets the customer's needs or the technology becomes obsolete, along with many other benefits ideal for the constantly changing business climate. 

Even banks, who sit on large stacks of cash, would rather use alternative ways to pay for IT solutions. They understand, spending capital on technology is highly risky for multiple reasons including; it is a depreciating asset, businesses change and grow, yet find themselves locked to equipment or a financial obligation, and depleting cash can negatively impact important financial ratios.


Even banks, who sit on large stacks of cash, would rather use alternative ways to pay for IT solutions. 


Banks and financial institutions happen to be the top vertical market for Shield. However, there is really no market segment that does not find value in Technology-as-a-Service. The monthly payment, subscription consumption model is being adopted across all verticals in today's market. 

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