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Texas Transportation Company Upgraded Their Phone Solutions To Achieve Their Business Goals

The Case 

Founded in 1988 as a small oilfield transportation firm in Abilene, Texas, LoneStar Transportation has grown from three locations to 22 across North America. LoneStar has proven that there is only one certainty in business - change is inevitable.

With all of this growth, LoneStar was faced with some communication challenges. They quickly sought out a TAMCO partner to help provide one of their call centers with equipment that could accommodate their rapid growth. LoneStar's communication, with over 700 drivers and a nationwide clientele, is critical to achieving the firm's goals. 

LoneStar's main concern is preserving capital, protecting their credit lines, and keeping up with technology as it evolves and becomes more efficient. The TAMCO partner spent hours conducting in-depth analysis in order to provide LoneStar with the solution that best suits their technology, business, and financial needs. This total business solution provides not only the best technology, but a procurement method that addresses all of LoneStar's pain points and concerns.

The Solution

Recognizing the urgency of the situation, the TAMCO partner was able to draw on their extensive industry resources to take the project from approval to implementation in just 60 days. The partner recommended a new VoIP telephony system with call reporting and tracking capabilities that help clients and drivers communicate more efficiently. 

As for the method of acquisition, TAMCO Shield was the suggestion. Working as a termed rental, the Shield program works as an operational expense (OPEX) monthly payment alternative that protects LoneStar's balance sheets and credit lines, while providing the added benefit of the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG), which allows them to upgrade their equipment when it no longer suits their operational needs.

Pete Trotsky, VP of LoneStar, was enthusiastic in discussing the company's experience with TAMCO, stating:

"We were provided with a total solution that will provide substantial cost savings. The TAMCO Shield program also gives us the strongest possible guarantee that service level agreements will be fulfilled at the highest levels."

TAMCO Shield provides manageable monthly payments, peace of mind, and flexibility while offering more value and less risk than any other method of acquisition available today. 


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