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Catholic Church Acquires New Voice Solution With A Cash-Friendly Payment Alternative

The Case 

Providing an experience that connects with people, serves the community, and brings them closer to God is mission critical to a Catholic church. Today, that means staying connected through modern technology. So how does a church acquire new technology to stay up to date while being smart with their capital?

Let's face it, spending a large sum of money on a phone system is not at the top of the priority list next to feeding the homeless. Roman Catholic Church of Holy Name of Mary-Assumption was able to acquire a new telephone solution while making a smart financial decision that will preserve their cash flow and protect their mission.

The church needed to update their telecommunications equipment. When a TAMCO partner stepped in to help with this acquisition, the partner made sure to address business, technical, and future concerns to recommend the most logical total solution.

Once the partner discovered that having cash flow on hand was an important aspect to the church, it made sense to go down the path of monthly payment options. Therefore, the church would not have to pay a large amount of their capital upfront on essentially a depreciating asset. They would now be able to preserve their capital for more important needs throughout the church. 

The Solution

The Roman Catholic Church of Holy Name of Mary-Assumption decided on the payment option, TAMCO Shield. A termed rental, which is exclusive to TAMCO. Shield provides them with the preservation of capital that they desired. Simultaneously, for only a small amount more, the church bundled in multi-year support, to protect the bottom line of their mission if the solution were to go down.

Not only did the church pay for their new Mitel 250 voice solution in a smart way, but Shield also provided even more value than expected. Shield also provides the peace of mind from the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG), Act of God coverage, and flexible end of term options.

This was a great success for the church and their on-going efforts to serve their community on a local and global front. 

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