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The Louisville Red Cross Acquired A New Phone Solution That Allows Them To Save More Lives Through Efficient Communication

The Case 

Since 1917, the Louisville Chapter of the American Red Cross has provided vital services that the community cannot do without, from disasters and emergencies to blood donation and general preparedness. Their mission can be summed up in three words: prevent, prepare, and respond. However, their 19-year-old Nortel phone system was preventing them from providing quick and efficient services to those in need.

The solution was out of date, had no room for expansion, and couldn't handle the sheer volume of the calls coming in. It just wasn't making the cut. Relying on an insufficient phone system when they are trying to save lives is a huge liability and just is not good business.

That's when a TAMCO partner approached the Red Cross and started getting familiar with the organization, understanding their needs, as well as their financial capabilities. This allowed the partner to recommend a what to buy and how to buy total business solution that addressed the Red Cross's pain points as well as immediate and future needs.

The Solution

The TAMCO partner recommended a voice solution that could handle the call volume and also allowed them to reduce their headcount in one of their call centers. The solution was then paired with TAMCO Shield, a termed rental, as a payment option. The benefits of Shield, such as the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) and flexible end of term options, provides the Red Cross with peace of mind knowing they have full flexibility and control over their technology solutions.

Not only did the recommendation address the Red Cross's needs, but the partner also bundled in multi-year maintenance which ensured that if something were to ever go awry with the solution, that it would be taken care of quickly and at no extra cost. Given the totality of the solution, it was no surprise when Brian Quail, CEO of the Louisville chapter, remarked:

 "As technology changes, with TAMCO Shield, we have the opportunity to change with it."

The TAMCO partner provided a total business solution that provided the best all around benefits available within the marketplace today. Simply put, we walked in to find the Red Cross with terribly out-dated technology, and we walked out knowing they would never find themselves in that position again.

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