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Louisville Red Cross Expands It's Capacity to Serve by Procuring Unified Communications as a Service

The Case 

Since 1917, the Louisville Chapter of the American Red Cross has provided vital services that the community cannot do without, from disasters and emergencies to blood donation and general preparedness. Their mission can be summed up in three words: prevent, prepare, and respond. However, their 19-year-old Nortel phone system was preventing them from providing quick and efficient services to those in need.

The solution was not just out of date, it couldn't handle the sheer volume of the calls coming in. There was a bottleneck occurring in their ability to expand their capacity. Relying on insufficient communication technology while trying to save lives is a huge liability and does a disservice to its supporters.

Right from the start the TAMCO partner approached the Red Cross, became familiar with the organization, started to understand their needs, and discovered what their financial capabilities were. This gave the partner insight into what type of solution they needed and how to address their concerns of having to make a large cash purchase in order to update their technology capabilities.

The Solution

The partner put together a proposal recommendation for a unified communications solution that could handle the call volume, create higher efficiencies in their processes and be able to operate with a streamlined call center staff.

The partner took it a step further. Once the type of technology was determined they set themselves apart from the competition by recommending they pair the solution with TAMCO Shield and bundle in maintenance support services for one low monthly payment. The added maintenance locks in current labor rates for the entire term of the agreement, always keeping their solution protected. This recommendation creates an all-encompassing unified communications as a service (UCaaS) solution.

This new UCaaS offering relieved the concern of having to make a large capital outlay upfront, preserved their cash flow and they received the added benefits that come along with the exclusive payment option, TAMCO Shield.

Some of those benefits include:

  • Solution Replacement Guarantee
  • Natural disaster coverage
  • Flexible end of term options
  • Never being handcuffed to outdated technology

Given the totality of the solution, it was no surprise when Brian Quail, CEO of the Louisville chapter, remarked:

 "As technology changes, with TAMCO Shield, we have the opportunity to change with it."

The Red Cross will now be able to serve its mission while they grow and change for years to come without being held back by their technology solutions.

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