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TAMCO Payment Alternative Seals The Deal For Major Medical Center

The Case 

With caring, quality, and affordable health care at the forefront of their values, Baltimore Medical System in the mid-Atlantic region needed modern voice, video, and data technology that would support their mission. Spanning over 15 different locations and needing 525 phones, choosing the right solution and payment option was a very important decision.

With the guidance of consultant George I. Wolfand, managing director at Expense Reduction Analysts (ERA), Baltimore Medical System targeted top tier manufacturers like Cisco, Avaya, Mitel, and ShoreTel to fulfill their technology needs. TAMCO partner and ShoreTel reseller, TelephoNET, a world-class IP telephone systems and services provider, submitted a proposal that stood out above the rest by recommending both, what and how to buy their technology.

The Solution

Being that this was such a large transaction, TelephoNET positioned and recommended a ShoreTel solution, with the exclusive payment options, TAMCO Shield. The Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) offered with the operating expense benefit was just the ticket that the medical center's CFO needed to make a sound business decision. Shield allowed TelephoNET to outshine the competition. TAMCO Shield was the differentiator that gave the medical center the peace of mind against technology obsolescence. They are now able to replace the technology, with no financial penalty, should their new equipment longer meets their needs.

This transaction was a great collaborative win, showcasing the smart way to provide a total solution recommendation that can help differentiate IT solution providers.

When asked about Shield and its role in the decision-making process, George Wolfand stated, “premise-based manufacturers that don’t have a Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG) by way of a financial offering are at a competitive disadvantage in today’s marketplace.” He went on to say:

“It’s almost a necessity in today’s marketplace, with the prevalence and maturity of the hosted environment. Customers are smarter and realize that having the availability to migrate to new technology is a real competitive advantage. Control and flexibility are paramount to the buying criteria.”


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