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Pest Control Company Lands Advanced Video Conferencing Equipment With A Smart Payment Alternative

The Case 

Alpha Ecological, an eco-friendly pest control company, is passionate about the environment. Their mission is to manage pests without causing damage to the ecosystem. With consumer demand for green and environmentally friendly alternatives on the rise, Alpha faces constantly changing technology needs to keep up with growth.

In order to streamline their business and to avoid any unnecessary operating expenses, Alpha Ecological established satellite offices which would allow some employees to telecommute. Considering the cost of flying employees back and forth for meetings and conferences is expensive, having an HD video conferencing system that connects all of their employees is a necessity. 

TAMCO partner, Matrix Networks, is Alpha's preferred provider for their business technology solutions. After working with Alpha for many years, Matrix understands their business, financial, and technology needs and recognizes that having room for growth and preserving capital is a priority. Alpha has considered video conferencing equipment in the past, but was hesitant to commit to a cash purchase. They know that their company as well as technology are constantly growing and evolving, and they need to save their capital for revenue generating activities.

The Solution

Matrix Networks recommended a video conferencing software which was advanced in its technology, yet simple to operate. However, there was still the fear roadblock to get around. That's when Matrix suggested TAMCO Shield, a termed rental payment alternative which helps customers maintain control while offering the utmost in flexibility.

The benefits of Shield were exactly what they needed. TAMCO Shield offers a Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG), which allows Alpha to upgrade their technology solution at any time if the current solution is no longer suiting their needs. Choosing a monthly payment alternative option like Shield also enables Alpha to distribute the cost of the equipment over a period of time, allowing them to invest in their business by providing the best return on cash flow. For Alpha Ecological, TAMCO Shield made perfect sense.

Technology specialist at Matrix Networks, Kyle Holmes, states:

 "Shield was an integral part of executing this solution and in turn, connecting Alpha's geographically diverse team. This program satisfies IT because they can get what they need without the fear of rapid change, and the CFO's approve it because it doesn't impact their balance sheet. Shield is a win win."


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