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Pest Control Company Lands Advanced AV Solution With A Smart Way to Pay

The Case 

Alpha Ecological, an eco-friendly pest control company, is passionate about the environment. Their mission is to manage pests without causing damage to the ecosystem. With consumer demand for green and environmentally friendly alternatives at an all-time high, Alpha faces the need to lean on technology to operate and remain competitive. If the technology they use restricts them from being productive they run the risk of stunting critical business growth.

In order to streamline their business, operate at max efficiency and to avoid any unnecessary operating expenses, Alpha Ecological established satellite offices which would allow a portion of their employees to telecommute. The cost of consistently flying employees back and forth for meetings and miscellaneous business needs is expensive and unnecessary this day and age. Having an HD AV system that connects all of their employees is not just a nicety, but a necessity that plays into their overall efficiency and growth goals.

Alpha fortunately uses a preferred solution provider that is a part of the TAMCO channel network. Alpha and their solution provider has a great working relationship. They went through a good discovery phase and understands Alpha’s business, financial, and technology needs. Early on in the conversation Alpha’s solution provider recognized their importance and priority to have room for growth and preserve capital.

Alpha has considered AV equipment in the past, but was hesitant to commit to making such a large cash purchase. The decision makers understand that their company as well as technology are constantly growing and evolving. They needed to make sure they made a decision that doesn’t bottleneck growth and allows for flexibility in the event of change.

The Solution

Alpha’s solution provider recommended a comprehensive AV solution advanced in its technology, yet simple to operate. To address the fear of spending such a large amount of money with so much uncertainty it was recommended they procure the solution with TAMCO's technology-as-a-service payment program.

With TAMCO’s technology or  AV-as-a-Service solution
Alpha can:

  • Pay with a convenient monthly payment
  • Easily bundle in multiyear support services
  • Stay protected against technology obsolescence
  • Remain at the forefront of technology
  • Be covered in the event of a natural disaster
  • Have the flexibility to grow & change without financial burdens
  • Preserve cash flow & avoid a large upfront capital outlay

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