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Power Tools Manufacturer Updates Old Phone Solution To Improve Customer Satisfaction

The Case 

Since introducing their first electric tool in 1958, Makita has grown to become one of the world's largest producers of power tools. Because of their strict attention to quality products and best in class customer service, Makita has been experiencing rapid growth in the USA, with over 30 locations and 23 factory service centers.

Based on customer feedback, they discovered that their quality of customer service has been suffering due to the inefficiency of their current phone solution. Makita quickly realized that a change to their telecommunications system was necessary. Although their existing system was not very old, the call center functionality was behind the times, preventing them from linking all of their locations together. They want a technology solution that allows customers to contact a Makita representative regardless of what timezone they were in, as well as having access to meaningful real-time and historical reports.

The Solution

After much diligence, Makita USA went with equipment that supported their business goals with a robust MPLS network through a TAMCO partner. However, choosing new telecom equipment was just part of the total solution. Makita wanted a how to buy solution that would protect them from rapidly changing technology while preserving as much capital as possible.

In order to accommodate their needs and provide them with the peace of mind they were seeking, the TAMCO partner recommended TAMCO Shield as a payment option. Shield provides Makita with the ability to leverage the best that technology has to offer without the typical burdens of ownership due to the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG.) They were also able to preserve their capital for investment in business operations and reduce their monthly telecom operating expenses. Makita realized that they didn't want to own a depreciating asset like technology, but rather treat it as an outsourced service.

TAMCO Shield offers a total solution that addresses business, finance, and technology concerns - not to mention that it provided Makita USA with more value and less risk than any other how to buy offering in today's complex and competitive marketplace. 


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