Aug 17, 2022 4:20:01 PM by: Jill Duran

Playing Judge & Jury

The biggest mistake integrators make in selling technology as-a-service is prejudging who will be the best customer for it.   

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The biggest mistake integrators make selling technology as-a-service is prejudging who will be the best customer for it. 

If you look at the type of customers that actually buy technology-as-a-service solutions, you will see a pattern, but it is probably not the one that you think.

Large organizations use technology as a service. Small organizations use it. Companies with substantial and complex solution requirements, along with those who have modest solution needs. Companies with tapped budgets and even companies that are flush with cash, all use and value technology as a service.

Commercial enterprises, nonprofits, healthcare organizations, K-12 (kay through twelve), colleges and universities, houses of worship, along with local and state government, all use technology as a service solutions.

And lastly, customers who have historically paid cash for their technology love to learn about this alternative procurement method and they too use technology-as-a-service.

 Are you starting to see a different pattern now? 

Every organization is a candidate for technology as a service. 

The reason this is true is because in today’s environment the value of as-a-service solutions has an almost universal appeal.

The real drivers for customers are the desire to use technology rather than own it, preserve hard-earned capital for better use, avoid quickly depreciating assets like technology equipment, and easily change technology as needed

The best way to sell technology as-a-service is to avoid accidentally or intentionally playing judge and jury. Simply educate customers about the drivers of as-a-service solutions and help them determine if that delivers the most value for their needs.

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