Aug 26, 2019 8:00:00 AM by: Jill Duran

We Are Not a Leasing Company.

Most people will look at TAMCO right off the bat and say, “this is just a leasing company.” Unfortunately, they are wrong and they are missing out on one of the most valuable ways an integrator can differentiate themselves from competitors, with what we call the “how to buy.” 

The smart solution providers will perk up and get excited when we tell you that TAMCO provides integrators with the opportunity to add value, sell more multiyear maintenance at the point of sale, create recurring monthly revenue, build customer relationships, and so much more. All of this is possible simply by getting involved in recommending not just what the customer should buy or what to buy, but how they should procure it or how to buy. Our exclusive payment option, TAMCO Shield - technology equipment as a service, has the ability to help you do just that. 

Below I have listed 9 reasons, if you sell technology equipment, including AV, security, access control, data, voice, video etc. you need to stop and look deeper into becoming a partner with TAMCO and offer TAMCO Shield.

01. Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR)

RMR is more important than ever right now. It is truly the key to longevity in the marketplace. However, when equipment sales make up a large part of your transaction and distributors hold you to certain payment terms it can seem impossible to create RMR. When you team up with TAMCO we show you how, if you make some small changes to your sales process, you can set yourself up to build new recurring revenue streams for years to come.

Read more about RMR

02. Secure Upfront Revenue 

A partnership with TAMCO will allow you to offer customers X-as-a-Service solutions and provide monthly payment options while still being able to generate immediate revenue for the solution sale.

03. Enhance Your Differentiation

Because TAMCO has a payment option that cannot be matched apples to apples, anywhere else on the market, you are able to add this exclusive value with your solution recommendations. This gives you a relevant competitive edge.

04. Protect Your Margins

Since TAMCO Shield, our exclusive as-a-service payment option brings the added-value of increased protection, freedom, and flexibility you can avoid being viewed as a commodity where lowest price is the driving factor.

05. Improve Profitability

When you become proficient at positioning our monthly payment options you will increase your win ratios, maximize the use of your sales resources, preserve more margin in your wins, and secure more recurring revenue. Resulting in even greater profitability. 

06. Increase Business Valuation

Our program helps you gain commitment to various support and service contracts with your customers. Since support services are a higher margin sale it's a great way to create recurring revenue. Having this contractual business and quantifiable future revenue projections adds to your business valuation if the business owner is in the market to sell the enterprise.

07. Build Authentic & Contractual Customer Loyalty

The marketplace is too competitive for you to try to survive on sporadic project-oriented sales.  Building a base of customers that stick with you is critical.  The TAMCO Shield payment program gives customers a good reason to work with your organization well into the future. There are also contractual ties within Shield that prevents customers from going elsewhere if they want to exercise their Solution Replacement Guarantee.

08. Boost Customer Lifetime Value

TAMCO Shield, technology equipment-as-a-service payment option can be offered for all of your customer’s technology needs. As well as bundling support and services. This allows you to maximize your depth, breadth, and value to customers. Equating to longer relationships and maximizing revenue from those sales.

09. Sell in Sync With Current Market Drivers

Many integrators and solution providers cannot absorb the equipment costs of the shift to everything-as-a-service. TAMCO helps you overcome these challenges with our exclusive as-a-service option in order to sell in sync with these market changes.

Are We a Good Fit For You?

Partnering with TAMCO is no cost to you, but adds tremendous value to your solution offerings. We do have to warn you though, we do not partner with everyone. We want integrators and solution providers who understand the need for implementing as-a-service offers and knows that there needs to be a mindset shift in how you sell solutions when offering as-a-service. Simply displaying a TAMCO Shield solution as an option next to a buffet of options will not lead you to success. Success comes in using it to solve pain points and to make a credible recommendation.

If you are trying to shift away from transactional one-time sales and move into a more in-depth service oriented type offering that creates real long-term customer relationships and builds recurring monthly revenue for you, a TAMCO partnership might be the right fit for you.

Learn more about the exclusive partnership program for technology integrators

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