May 8, 2018 9:02:00 AM by: Jill Duran

Be honest with yourself, do you recommend one payment option or do you provide your customers with a buffet line of options they can choose from for your technology equipment sales? TAMCO Shield provides your customers with benefits not available with other payment options. Therefore, the worst thing you could do in your proposal is to line up all of the payment options and leave your customer at the buffet line to choose something they know very little about.

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If you include TAMCO Shield as a pricing option with the other two payment choices, $1.00 buyout lease and cash, you have just mixed two commodity payments with one value payment. That’s the old and dangerous mindset of “I don’t care how you pay for it just as long as you buy it from me.”

People Don't Buy Products, They Buy Benefits

Sales 101 will tell you that people don’t buy products, they buy the benefit your products provide. You are well aware that TAMCO Shield provides more benefits to your customer than the other payment options. Don’t take away from those selling benefits by diluting your sale with options that are an apples to oranges comparison.

You Won’t Lose A Sale By Recommending One Option

Have the confidence to know that if you lead with the TAMCO Shield monthly payment option and your customer comes back saying they want to pay cash, you will not lose the sale. You simply show them the cash price. The only thing that we have seen happen when a sales rep leads with Shield is the customer begins asking the competitors to show them a Shield price, which they unable to do.

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Do your customers say that TAMCO Shield payments are too high? Learn how to overcome this common objection. 

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