Aug 13, 2019 4:21:21 PM by: Jill Duran

TAMCO Shield, technology equipment as a service, is often associated with the Solution Replacement Guarantee (SRG). The SRG is a great value-added offer to any solution sale. It helps an organization remain competitive by keeping them at the forefront of technology and performing optimally. However, this way to pay is much more than just a replacement clause. 

Shield is a differentiator when positioned well after you do your discovery sales questions and make your recommendation. It offers many benefits that help solve customer pain points when you ask the right questions.

The first step in using Shield as a competitive advantage is to understand what it is and what it isn't.

Here are 6 facts you may not have known about TAMCO Shield that will help you better understand this exclusive payment model:

  1. Shield is NOT a lease.
    Traditional leasing is still a capital expense payment option. It results in ownership at the end of the term. Shield's intended purpose is not ownership. Which leads me to #2...

  2. Shield creates an as a service payment model for your solutions.
    Shield is not intended for ownership, it is designed for use. It is meant to allow clients to access their equipment while it is useful. It is a true as a service payment model offering that is exclusive to TAMCO. With Shield equipment as a service offering, organizations are able to prevent a bottleneck in their growth because Shield is flexible. You can scale up when you grow and continue to use the most efficient technology with out any financial penalty or added burdens. An as a service solution restricts you from having to be handcuffed to equipment that is not fully useful. 

  3. Shield focuses on providing access, outcomes, and the use of equipment versus ownership.
    This coincides with number two. More organizations are focused on outcomes and access these days then ever before. They do not care to own physical technology that is going to end up outdated. They want to use it while it is useful and upgrade to the solutions that keep them competitive in the market. 

  4. Interest rate is an irrelevant factor when analyzing Shield's value.
    Have you ever asked for a better interest rate when you are renting an apartment? Since you are paying to use and access the technology and the focus is not on a lease to own situation, interest rate is not important. Shield is a value-added payment model that allows you to pay monthly to use the technology. Would you pay an interest rate for a subscription? It is a similar concept. 

  5. Since Shield is a value-added sale it is an apples to oranges comparison.
    Shield has unique and exclusive benefits that no other option can provide. Therefore, it is not equally comparable to a capital expense lease. Does a lease provide the SRG protection? Does a lease have natural disaster coverage? 

  6. The best way to sell Shield and its value is by using it to solve customer pain points.
    Ask good questions that allows you to gather customer intelligence that can lead you to using Shield to solve your customer pain points. Check out these recommended questions to incorporate in your sales process. 

Download How to Buy Questions to Introduce Technology as a Service


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