Jun 16, 2022 3:27:28 PM by: Paul Metzheiser

Technology-as-a-service. It seems to be everywhere as of late. The market is demanding it more than ever and integrators are discovering its importance in leveraging it to build sustainable and predictable recurring monthly revenue (RMR) for business.

However, making a technology-as-a-service sale that builds RMR can be difficult when you approach the sale with the same narrative you’ve always used for traditional, transactional technology sales. Technology-as-a-service is different. It requires a different approach with different vernacular to position it and successfully sell it.

While you are still selling the same technology hardware, the focus of your offering is based upon value-added services and building a multi-year relationship with your customers.

Technology-as-a-service is not a one-and-done sale. It is a true relationship you enter into with your customer. You are making a promise to provide access to and use of hardware plus your important maintenance and support services for one convenient monthly subscription cost for an agreed term.

Therefore, the narrative you use when selling technology-as-a-service needs to be articulated differently than the traditional one-time sale you’ve always known. Simply put, you need to flip the script!

When positioning technology-as-a-service solutions we’ve uncovered that there are right words to use and there are wrong words. Words matter. Certain terms can be the difference between clarity and confusion.

Take a read at the two lists below of words you should and shouldn’t use to help you make the pivot and successfully sell technology-as-a-service.


Words you should and shouldn't use when selling technology-as-a-service


These small nuances can elevate you in the as-a-service space and help you improve your technology-as-a-service solution sales, creating stronger, stickier customer relationships and building your recurring monthly revenue streams.

Learn more about making the pivot to selling more services in this playbook below: 

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For nearly 30 years, TAMCO has been solely dedicated to the technology space, partnering with system integrators to help them offer technology-as-a-service and build monthly recurring revenue.

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