Jun 7, 2016 1:58:46 PM by: Scott Morgan

1. What technology solution will meet our needs?

2. Who do we trust to install and support it?

3. How will we pay for it?

Do you have an answer for all three?  You better! As a VAR or MSP of technology solutions, your organization is obviously in the business of recommending a technology solution to meet a customer’s needs. And of course you will exalt the many reasons that yours is the best organization to provide that solution.

However, if you only help customers with those first two questions and you leave the third question to chance or simply offer a cash purchase, you are not maximizing your ability to win a sale. 

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In fact, you may not realize it, but you actually:

  • Lose an opportunity to build more value into your solution recommendation
  • Forgo the ability to steer and influence the sales process more in your favor
  • Put yourself at a disadvantage to competitors providing different payment options
  • Present an incomplete solution rather than a  “Total Solution” addressing not only what to buy but also the best way to pay for it, or the how to buy

The good news is that addressing the how to buy question can be easy.  TAMCO helps partners do this all the time.

Read more about our exclusive payment options or call to discuss our partner programs.

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