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improving-sales-skillsWhen you're immersed in the crazy world of sales, it's easy to get swept up and forget the basics. However, top performing sales professionals will tell you that the real secret to sales success is in the basics - asking good questions, having business discussions, and selling the value.

01: Ask Good Questions

Don't let being hungry for the sale get in the way of your discovery process. Take the time to dig in and ask good questions. Don't forget to follow up with "why" questions that challenge the thought pattern of the prospect. 

For example, "how important is this technology for your bottom line?" More times than not, communication technology is their lifeblood. This should be a no-brainer that multi-year maintenance should be in the proposal. Now, if the prospect pushes back, you can overcome that objection by telling them you suggest multi-year maintenance to protect their business since this equipment is mission critical.

Questioning prospects is for their benefit and yours. By asking the good questions, you become a credible and impactful sales professional. Which leads into tip two - have business discussions.

02: Have Business Discussions

Basically, if you are asking good questions, challenging your prospects thought patterns, and recommending products that solve their problems, you are having a business discussion.

All too often, a customer tells a sales professional what they want and in an attempt to make an easy sale, that rep takes their order and moves on to the next. Unfortunately, this is when a majority of complaints and unhappy customers arise. Order takers are for fast food restaurants, not technology sales.

03: Sell the Value

Your product is only as valuable as your customer perceives it. This means you must translate that value in order to convince them that it is worth the price. Instead of using price as a benefit, sell the bigger picture. Show your customer how your product can solve their problems and can improve their business. Most people are open to receiving more value and solving their problems versus only focusing on price. Find the confidence in yourself to rise above leaning on price to make a sale.

Want to learn more? Learn how to overcome price objections and sell value with this helpful guide:

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