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TAMCO specializes in providing financing options for voice, data, and video technology solutions. With over 20 years of telecommunications, unified communications, & technology leasing, we have evolved to become one of the leading financing organizations within this industry niche.

TAMCO works through a partner channel of manufacturers, service providers, VARs, distributors, and integrators. Our expertise, collaboration, and proactive stance on positioning financing as an integral part of technology solutions helps our network of partners sell more, earn, more, and deliver more value to their customers.


Business phone systems have certainly changed through the years, from occupying significant office space, to requiring minimal rack space in a storage closest, to just having handsets at the desk, or possibly existing only as a mobile device. While technology will continue to advance and change the way we communicate, the reality is there are a significant number of organizations implementing PBX solutions in all its varied forms; premise based phone systems, cloud based phone systems, Hosted PBX, hybrid solutions, and more. TAMCO offers leasing solutions for all forms of today’s voice communications for business operations. 

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Every organization is doing more with less, so it is no surprise that telecommuting is taking the place of traveling for meetings and other business operations. The evolution of video conferencing has become a great supplement for conducting business and building relationships without removing the face to face contact that is often necessary. Collaborating via various HD screens and devices that create a lifelike feel is efficient and reliable. However, investing in the technology to get it done may not fit into your budget and more importantly, may not be a wise use of your organization’s capital. TAMCO offers exclusive, flexible financing for video solutions that make acquiring the needed equipment easy on the balance sheet.

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Data equipment and network infrastructure solutions are a necessity for almost any organization to function. From campus environments with numerous network hardware components including routers, switches, WAN optimization devices, security appliances, and wireless access points to a small organization LAN with a server, firewall, and minimal equipment to situations simply calling for a few mobile devices connected to a cloud network. Every organization has some level of reliance on data/network gear.

This equipment changes and advances more rapidly than it ever has in the past making it extremely important for an organization to evaluate the best way to pay for the data equipment they need. Learn about the innovative financing alternatives for data technology solutions.

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Freedom to Choose

At the rate technology changes, how could a business know if they want to own their telecommunications and unified communications solution in three to five years? With an FMV lease, you can make this decision at the end of the contract. While greater flexibility and control during the term can be achieved with alternatives to FMV and traditional lease options like TAMCO Shield, at least an FMV allows customers to avoid finding themselves stuck owning outdated technology at the end of term
If it appreciates, buy it. If it depreciates, lease it. 

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