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Unified Communications

What Is Unified Communications

Unified communications (UC) gives businesses the ability to stay connected across any and all methods of communications with one network. In essence UC connects VoIP and any other computer related communication technology. UC brings together voice, video, email, instant messaging, data sharing, and much more into one consolidated integrated application. With the adoption of UC in any business, it provides more productive employees and quality interactions with customers.

In today’s environment it is not uncommon to work from a laptop, tablet, and a smartphone at any given time. UC gives uniformity to all of your devices opposed to each one operating on its own. This offers greater ease of use when transitioning from one device to another.

Financing Unified Communications EquipmentImportance of Unified Communications

Unified communications use in business has catapulted the way companies communicate to their employees and to their customers. From email to voice to video conferencing, companies need unified communications to be successful in communicating for business. When companies adopt the use of UC it will improve productivity, decrease costs, and enhance collaboration across the board. Different employees will have different communication and mobility needs. Adopting an efficient UC solution satisfies the individual needs of each employee in your organization, saving time and money by avoiding sporadic and decentralized communication solutions.

Buying Unified Communications What To Know About Acquiring Unified Communications Equipment 

There are companies providing unified communications solutions to businesses all over the world. However, one aspect of a unified communication sale that is overlooked is how to buy the equipment. UC is a non-revenue generating asset that rapidly depreciates. Considering that, do you want to take your after-tax dollars and pay cash for the equipment? Assuming not, know that there are operational expense (OPEX) financing options that will preserve your company’s ratios and cash flow for revenue generating investment opportunities.

Opt for an OPEX option that protects you from obsolescence and provides multiple flexible end-of-term options that empower your organization, not the financing company. Always remember to look for something that will give your company the greatest control and flexibility, and don’t have the false impression that paying cash or investing in UC equates into either one of those.

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Unified Communications

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