Jul 5, 2018 3:29:10 PM by: Jill Duran


Equipment as-a-Service is rapidly becoming the solution of choice for every type of organization, and technology need. From surveillance to cybersecurity. AV systems to digital signage. I.o.T. solutions to access control. And voice to data to I.T. and so much more.

While technology has continued to advance at an unprecedented rate, the way you pay has stayed the same. But does it make sense to continue paying cash, using bank lines, or securing traditional leasing? Of course not! You end up falling victim to the same pitfalls of ownership, obsolescence and financial commitments for technology you end up replacing.

This is why organizations are turning to equipment as-a-service payment options like TAMCO Shield. TAMCO Shield is an equipment-as-a-service payment option that offers added benefits like technology obsolescence protection, natural disaster coverage, bundled support, multiple end of term options, and preferential accounting treatment.

Your technology needs will forever continue to change. But now it’s time to change the way you pay.  Choose equipment as-a-service with TAMCO Shield.

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